My Lush collection.

After receiving a rather large amount of Lush products for my birthday last month, I thought i would use this opportunity to share with you my thoughts on all of the delicious products i have tried.

I know some people who wont even look in a Lush shop as it is undeniably very heady in scent! I am not one of those people. I LOVE going to Lush. The atmosphere and scent of the stores as well as the bold merchandise are just a few reasons why. To me, the fact that all the products are handmade and completely sustainable and fair is a huge benefit and when your receiving amazing and knowledgeful customer service on every visit its hard to talk yourself out of having a luscious treat!

So, here is my current collection...

Bath Bombs.

(Clockwise from left ; Dragons Egg, Twilight, Tisty Tosty.)
I'm yet to use these ones but i have been lusting after Tisty Tosty for years! its heart shape and Rose absolute aroma leave your bath speckled with petals. Dragons egg and Twilight also both have a surprise inside promising bursts of colour and/or glitter.
I have previously used Big Blue, Butterball, Ickle Baby Bot and the limited edition christmas bath bomb Golden Wonder ( which is shaped like a gift and filled with stars). Bath bombs range from £1.95 - £3.25.

Overall, you cannot beat a Lush bath bomb, they are in my opinion the best you can get. They dissolve completely without leaving crunchy debris and it is always exciting to watch one fizz around! I would however issue out a warning to any clean freaks out there, the bombs with glitter usually leave a shimmery film on your tub which is a nightmare to get rid of and some contain herbs or petals which might not be to everyones taste... Big blue which i think contains either lavender or seaweed which kind of resembled spider legs(unintentionally i hope)was a bit of an experience to say the least!


Sweetie Pie Shower jelly

Sweetie pie shower jelly boasts that it is a party in a pot comprising of coconut and cherry flavours. All i could smell was a cheeky vimto which took me back to some sickening memories. The consistency is of jelly cubes and i found this hard to work with as a shower gel replacement. I personally wouldnt buy this again but i can see this being a really fun product to buy if your a teenager, its quirkiness unfortunately was lost on me!

Dream Cream Body lotion

Dream cream lotion is a great body lotion. Its thick and creamy and feels very luxurious and rich. It is packed full of ingredients which soothe skin making this great for sensitive skin and smells gorgeous! Its a hard one to describe, its sweet without being sickely and still has that unique essential oil fragrance. Lush has dubbed this 'everyones favourite' which in itself speaks volumes and i can really see why.

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub
Firstly, the colour. Rub Rub Rub is bright blue and even the consistency of this scrub reminds me of a slush puppy, which i LOVE. For some reason, this makes using this scrub even more refreshing. Rub Rub Rub is a salt scrub, so your going to get great results from using this as salt scrubs are the best for really getting rid of dead skin cells.

Sugar Scrub
So heres a confession.... I Am yet to use this. It just so happens that this is the 5th Body scrub ive bought this month so i simply havent got round to using this yet. I really like the idea of an actual scrub bar though, theres nothing like this out there that i have ever used so i am excited to try this especially as this lists ginger root and fresh fennel in its ingredients.

No Drought Dry Shampoo
I love a good dry shampoo, TMI i know but i get really greasy hair!!! Ive even had to wash my hair twice in one day at one stage because it got so bad. I find dry shampoos in a spray form are O.K but i will always opt for a powder if i can find one as they eliminate grease much better. I really liked this one too as it smelled so fresh and lemony. As you can tell im nearly all out of this and i will definatly be buying this again. You also get so much in this bottle, ive nearly had this a year and ive used it every other day.

The only downside to this is that if you are looking for a dry shampoo that doesnt leave a white residue, this is not for you as it most definately does. As i have blonde hair, this makes me love this product even more as it works as a white toner too but i know most people hate white residue so if thats you, stick to the batiste for brunettes!

'Karma' Gorilla perfume
I bought my first bottle of Karma perfume 10 years ago and its kind of become my signature scent. My brother says the smell of Karma reminds him of me and its one of my all time favourites especially as an everyday scent as it is so different from anything else. This one is the solid perfume and the spray definatly has the staying power where this you do need to keep topping up, but its great to carry around in your handbag anyway as its so small and doesnt leak. Perfect.

Ive also bought the Karma bubble bar which obviously has the same unique scent which is made up of Pine, Orange and patchouli. I liked the bubble bar and although Lush recommend crumbling the whole bar in your bath i actually got three or four uses out of one bar. Always looking for value for money!

Mint Julips Lip Scrub
And finally, we have the Mint Julips Lip scrub. These gently exfoliate your lips as well as tasting delicious! The Lip scrub is made up of caster sugar and jojoba oil and are available in Bubblegum, Mint Julips and Popcorn. Mint Julips, if you were wondering tastes like mint choc chip ice cream which you could argue freshens your breath too. i have tried the popcorn and bubblegum flavours and they both taste like the real thing, i just prefered mint julips.

I like to apply this at night and follow it up with palmers cocoa butter lip balm and this ritual really does leave my lips feeling silky soft.

You do have to be careful about storing this correctly as it doesnt keep all that well, mine is beginning to go a bit solid and wierd.

* * *

As with all Lush products, they usually have a short(ish) shelf life. Most items have expiration dates if your not sure. From experience you can tell when they have past their best as they might dry out or change colour/smell.
Next on my list to try are the face masks and make-up. Have you tried anything from lush that you love and would recommend? Let me know your thoughts!

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Just as a side note, This blog was not sponsored and i paid for all of these items myself or was given them as birthday gifts. Thanks for reading! 

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