Loreal Paris nude magique cushion foundation review

Loreal Paris nude magique cushion foundation
Loreal Paris nude magique cushion foundation

The concept of a cushion foundation is not a new concept, Lancôme have had one going for a while now and while I have always had that on my lust list I haven't yet bit the bullet and purchased it as it seems somewhat of a risk buying something so innovative. 

When Loreal bought out their version in the USA I was highly anticipating a launch over in Blighty and when it finally did, I snapped one up right away. It wasn't the cheapest for a high street foundation but still a fraction of the price of the Lancôme one so I was happy to take the risk.

The product itself is impressive, it is basically for those who don't know, a sponge soaked in foundation with an applicator. It reminds me of those wet sponges post office workers have for moistening stamps. Just me?! The applicator has had a major slate from the blogging world as I think it's second nature to disregard any kind of complimentary applicators or tools however I gave it a fair trial and didn't think it was the worst little sponge, I do however prefer to use my real techniques sponge.

The product is perfect for summer for several reasons. Firstly, it's so portable it's easy to travel with safe in the knowledge that it's unlikely to explode. Secondly, the coverage is something I've not quite experienced with any other foundation. It is so lightweight but offers a good coverage. The sponge makes it easy to not overdo it and allocates the right amount of product every time. There is nothing worse than feeling clogged up and sweaty in the summer due to a heavy foundation so this really was a breath of fresh air!

I have one serious problem with this product and that is that it just doesn't last more than a couple of weeks without drying out a bit and never quite gives the same effect as when you first apply the product which to me is hugely disappointing!!

Have you tried the Lancôme one? Does it have this same problem as I would love to know. 

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