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best of 2014 mac rimmel maybelline loreal urban decay

Welcome back! as you may be aware, my laptop broke and we finally got a new one. I've spent my time away from blogging to enjoy Christmas and really have a good mull over some ideas for future blog's as well as taking loads of photos!

As today is New years eve, I figured what better way to sign off 2014 than a recap of my favourite beauty items of the year? This year has seen me develop a slight obsession with boots and has also been the year that I lost mac virginity. Possibly not a great thing for my bank balance but everyone has a vice and mine is beauty products.
So! Lets start with the base. My Favourite Foundation of 2014 is one that I don't actually have currently so I don't have an image. oops. It is Maybelline dream matte mouse. I've used several foundations this year and I've always opted for high coverage. Its only when I got the dream matte mousse for a lighter option for the summer that I realised the error of my ways! It Is such a comfortable foundation and lasted such a long time. It is honestly the best foundation I have used to date which has surprised me greatly. I'm one of those people who really likes to experiment and try new things which is why I don't have one of these now but I will definitely be buying this again and again.
best of 2014 rimmel maybelline base products

Best Powder : Rimmel Stay Matte powder in 003 Peach Glow
This Powder is well known for being a great, affordable powder that does exactly what it should. it stays in place for 5 hours, keeps make up in place and removes shine. Its less than a fiver so I can't see any reason to spend more!
Best concealer for blemishes : Maybelline Cover stick in 01 Ivory
I had a really old one of these which I used up and couldn't find. After using this, I am certain this is the same product in newer packaging. This is a stick concealer which is thick and really covers over blemishes and even reduces the appearance of stubborn spots. To me, a creamy concealer just doesn't match the efforts of this beaut.
Best concealer for under eyes : Rimmel Wake me up concealer in 01 ivory
I don't know about you guys, but I never use just one concealer. If I was to use the cover stick (as above) under my eyes it would be too thick and would sit in any lines and wrinkles and look cakey. If I was to use Rimmel wake me up on blemishes, it would draw attention to that area as it has light reflecting particles in its creamy formula which is not a good look! It works like magic on dark circles however. it lightens and brightens to perfection. I've used several under eye concealers this year which are lovely. Loreal do some great ones but this is the best. This is my second tube and I love the foundation too.
best of 2014 brushes real techniques mac 217
Next we have brushes and tools. To be honest, these are the only two that I use consistently and that I just couldn't do my make up without.
Best Face Brush : Real Techniques Blush Brush
This brush can be used for powder, blush, highlighter, bronzer and even to contour as its shape is so unique and tapers. I use this every day without fail and I feel that blush and powder is the one thing that you really need a brush for and shouldn't be done with your fingers. If your going to invest in one brush, it should be a powder brush and I love this one.
Best Eye brush : Mac 217
Everyone knows that this brush is awesome so I really don't need to tell you. It's my first mac purchase so I will always love this and it is so fluffy and gorgeous, it blends wonderfully and makes any eye shadow look better.
best of 2014 blush bronze highlight sleek bourjois benefit
Now on to blush, bronze and highlight.

Best Blush : Sleek Blush 936 Pixie Pink
I always go to sleek for blush as they are so pigmented and blendable. I was torn between this shade and pomegranate which I featured in my autumn highlight and blush combo which I also love but I feel like this blush is more of a safe shade and goes with almost any make up look.
Best Bronzer : Bourjois Delice de poudre
If I'm honest, I don't wear bronzer everyday and could easily live without it. If I was to wear it, I would reach for either bourjois delice de poudre or soap and glory's solar powder. This one is a little more subtle and lasts longer so I opted for this one. You might notice that this one is actually the bronze and highlight that I reviewed here but I hardly ever use the highlighter.

Best Highlighter : Benefit High Beam
I've literally not even had this for a week so I guess you could call that cheating but I knew from using this once that this was by far the best highlighter I have tried. It is so smooth and doesn't sit unattractively in my rather large pores. The amount of shimmer is perfect too. not too much or too little. This is only a mini but I will be investing in the full bottle eventually. This will last me ages though as a little definitely goes a long way.
best of 2014 eyeshadow urban decan basic pallet maybelline colour tattoo
Onto eyes, beginning with eyeshadow's and I decided to include an individual shadow and a pallet.
Best individual eyeshadow : Maybelline colour tattoo 24hr Leather effect in creamy beige 98
I love the whole line of Maybelline colour tattoos and have been using a lot of them lately but this is the perfect everyday shade and that is why this one made the cut. The leather effect shades were new out this year and have had mixed reviews. This is the only leather effect one I own but i love it! its so easy to apply and just makes my eyes pop. I also like to layer this with shimmer eyeshadow's or add a darker shade in the crease.
Best eye palette : Urban decay basic palette
The naked basics 2 was released this year which would have been the obvious choice for my palette of the year except I could only afford one and I wanted to start with the original! This palette has everything you need for a basic everyday look as well as a smokey look. The colours are completely blendable and versatile and you cant deny the quality of the shadows.
best of 2014 liners barry m loreal
I always use pencil eyeliner in my waterline and will occasionally opt for a liquid eyeliner depending on what look I am going for. These are what I have enjoyed the most in 2014
Best pencil eyeliner : Barry M Bold black waterproof eyeliner
This liner doesn't budge or bunch up in your tear duct and it is so pigmented and easy to apply. I do also really love the soap & glory eye pencil as that is also brilliant but I think this one is bolder and It's worth me mentioning that I am so picky with eye pencils as I have used to many in the past that are useless. This one is also a steal at £3.99.

Best liquid eyeliner : Loreal Superliner ultra precision.
This liner and the waterproof equivalent are in my opinion the best on the high street. They are bold an pigmented and the formula is gorgeous. I hate watery liquid eyeliners and these are the opposite. The applicator is fool proof and is perfect for getting a precise flick.
best of 2014 mascara lash accelerator endless
Best Mascara : Rimmel Lash accelerator endless in black
I have tried so many mascaras this year. I guess they dry out pretty quick and once they have done that they aren't as good! I had a task on my hand to choose one as I've tried a few this year that I loved. A mention has to go out for L'Oreal miss manga and Bourjois 1 seconde mascara which are both fantastic but I have to say this one really grew on me! it really does lengthen your lashes and is a great one if you like defined lashes.
best of 2014 brows maybelline brow artist soap and glory archery
I've tried a lot of Brow products this year and overall, here are my favourites.

Best Brow Gel : Maybelline Brow drama in Dark Blond
I've been trying out a lot of eyebrow gels of late (keep your eyes peeled for a blog on that very soon) but spoiler alert - my favourite brow gel is this offering from Maybelline. It has had mixed reviews but I love it! it adds just the right amount of product to add a tint to your brows as well as holding them in place. I love the spooly brush which a lot of people hate but once your used to it, its the best.

Best brow pencil : Soap & glory archery 2 in 1 brow filling pencil and brush
So just a disclaimer here, this is the pencil and not the pen which I hated. This is a fairly new addition to my routine as you may have noticed in my beauty staples that I raved about the loreal brow artist pencil. it was a tough decision but this is marginally better as the colour is spot on. The problem with brow products on the high street is that the colours are often to warm and can look a little gingery. This is one of the only ones which is just right. The nib is also so tiny that you can get such a precise result.
best of 2014 lips sleek palmers and revlon

With lip products, its easy to go overboard (best red, best pink etc..) So I've decided to go with best colour, best formulation and best lip balm.

Best colour Lipstick : Sleek true colour lipstick matte in Mystic.
This colour is so unique and dramatic and I just think its stunning. Its a matte shade which it would have to be as 2014 was all about matte lips. The shade is not quite pink and not quite purple its somewhere in between and is so vibrant. To be honest it isn't one which goes with a lot of outfits or looks but when everything is toned down and the lips are made to be the statement this is jaw dropping.
Best Lip Balm : Palmers cocoa butter formula lip balm original
They sell these in Primark at a super cheap price but Palmers cocoa butter formula lip balm is perfect. it has vitamin E in it as well as SPF 15 and smells and tastes so rich and delicious. I will always love Vaseline's lip range but I find sometimes they are quite glossy and you don't always want that effect so this Is great as a bog standard balm that leaves lips soft and voluptuous.

Best Lip Formulation : Revlon Colorburst matte balm in 245 audacious
Obviously I love the colour of this one and it was a firm favourite of mine throughout the summer, but what I really love is the formulation of these which is bizarre in a really good way! it feels like a balm and is even minty and tingly on the lips and actually moisturises the lips but the pigment is bold and bright and matte. It doesn't sound possible, but somehow it is.

best of 2014 nail varnish leighton denny pillow talk

For nails, I thought I would keep it simple and just go for the one shade that just stood out for me, the one polish that I reached for every season.

Best Nail Polish : Leighton Denny Pillow Talk
The picture does not do justice for this polish. it is a gorgeous deep berry pink and is so versatile. The polish itself is easy to apply and looks beautiful. It looks great in the summer but as it is berry toned works great in the autumn too and layered with glitter is appropriate for Christmas too.

best of 2014 fragrance diesel loverdose

I thought I would just add my favourite fragrance for the year on here too which my boyfriend got me for Christmas last year.

Best Fragrance : Diesel Loverdose
This is a gorgeous sweet lingering fragrance which I have been wearing all year and still have loads left. I originally asked for loverdose tattoo which looks the same except the bottle is black but I actually prefer this one now I've been wearing it more.

So that is all of my favourites of 2014. What have you been loving? what are your resolutions for 2015? hope you have all had a great festive season!



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