Tip of the week : refreshing red hair inbetween dyes

tip of the week - refreshing red hair inbetween dyes
 I've had my hair every colour of the rainbow in the past and I had my hair Red for quite some time. One of the main problems
any bottle red head will tell you is the general maintenance. Red hair not only looks pretty noticeable when the root regrowth starts, it also fades quickly and it seems like a constant battle to keep your red hair vibrant.

But with valentines day around the corner I cant help but feel that red hair is having a come back and why wouldn't it? it looks fantastic and sexy and there is a shade to suit everyone.

Below is a picture of me with my red hair. How did I keep it so shiny and vibrant? Ill let you in on a little secret...

tip of the week refreshing red hair inbetween dyes

The trick is to make a red conditioner to use after every wash. Its so simple to do and injects a bold hit of red as well as conditions your hair to leave it shiny and amped up. All you will need is:
  •  an empty clean bottle,
  • a mixing bowl and brush,
  • some conditioner (any kind will do but it is important that the conditioner itself is white in colour and not any other colour),
  •  some wash out red hair dye WITHOUT ammonia or bleach like This one, in colour Rouge.
  • and an old towel
In the mixing bowl, add as much conditioner and as much of the hair colour as you like. This is really up to you. For more of a bright result add more hair colour and for just a subtle refresh add more conditioner. The ratios are really up to you. Mix well and decant into the bottle. Use in place of conditioner each time you wash your hair and make sure to use an old towel after every wash as the wash out hair colour only coats the cuticle unlike permanent and some semi permanent hair dyes which penetrate inside the hair. This means the colour will leave a slight tint to the residual water that comes off the hair.

You can leave it on your hair as long as you like as the temporary colour is really just a tinted conditioner.

So if your a red head, give it a go! I loved doing this when I had red hair and got a lot of compliments. Looking at the photo above makes me want to change up my hair so bad but I don't think I'm done with being a blond just yet...

What has been your favourite hair style?

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