Avon Anew Vitale skincare kit review

avon anew vitale kit
avon anew vitale skincare kit
Just before Christmas I had several people tempting me
with Avon catalogues and if your new to the concept, Avon basically is a company that focuses on selling its products mainly via catalogue and a lot of people take on working for Avon part time, full time or in conjunction with other jobs as its a very flexible platform. As an Avon representative You can hand out catalogues to friends and family or deliver catalogues in your local area. for more information on that, click here .

You can also buy Avon products online, and although I don't regularly buy products from Avon, I have had quite a few really fantastic products in the past and they offer innovative and unique ideas for brilliant value. I picked up this Avon anew vitale skincare kit just before Christmas as it was on offer for £10. It doesn't look like this same kit is available on their website but the individual items are.

I decided to go for this Anew vitale skincare kit which is aimed specifically on 25 years+ skin as id ran out of moisturiser and had heard amazing reviews about Avon's eye creams too so thought this kit was too good to be true and jumped at the chance to give these a whirl.

These came together in a small box and the pink packaging was very pretty. These are all travel sized and smelled fresh and unoffensive. Ive had chance to give all of these products a good trial and I have to say overall its not bad for £10. I had my ups and downs with each item individually...

Avon Anew Vitale skincare kit eye gel

I have to say, unfortunately I was pretty disappointed in the Avon anew eye gel, mainly because id heard such rave reviews about Avon's eye creams and gels. I'm quite particular about not getting too close to my actual eye with any products but even just dabbed delicately on the brow bone made my eyes sting and the skin itself was left feeling filmy. I only used this a couple of times and the rest of the tube will probably not get used.
avon anew vitale skincare kit gel cleanser
A cleanser is a cleanser and to be honest it would be pretty shocking if this anew vitale gel cleanser didn't do its job and that is exactly what it does. Its a bog standard cleanser which foams up on the skin easily and doesn't leave the skin feeling tight. My skin felt lovely and soft afterwards and the smell is pleasant.
avon anew vitale skincare kit day cream
The anew vitale day cream was slightly heavy feeling on the skin but it was in no shape or form a bad moisturiser. Ive used a lot of bad moisturisers in the past and for the price this is a great day cream. I used it all up and had no breakouts. I also love the glass tub packaging.
avon anew vitale skincare kit night cream

 This product, for me was the best out of the pack. The Avon anew vitale night gel cream has such a gorgeous consistency. Not quite gel, not quite cream this sinks into the skin beautifully and is extremely hydrating. I love any moisturising product that has a gel formulation its what I recommend to everyone as it is lightweight but effective. I would definitely purchase this gel cream again and I even used it during the day occasionally.

Have you tried anything from Avon? what products would you recommend I try?


  1. I'm always quite skeptical about buying Avon products, not quite sure why! The packaging of these look lovely, and £10 isn't too bad for the amount of products, even if some were a little unimpressive! X

    1. I know exactly what you mean!! I don't know why I tend to be so hesitant...I've also tried some of their mascaras which have also been great!! Thanks for your feedback :) x

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