The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua boost Sorbet - clinique moisture surge dupe?

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua boost Sorbet Clinique moisture surge dupe

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua boost Sorbet clinique moisture surge dupe
Winter has really been a toughie for the skin hasn't it? I have endured one week too many of dry skin and chapped lips and my skin in general is just thirsty. I'd like to say that my current moisturiser has just ran out but in all honesty it just wasn't up to much and since I ran out last summer I've been dying for an excuse to splurge on my favourite Clinique moisture surge, which just drenches your skin and feels phenomenal.

When I noticed The Body shop Vitamin E Aqua boost sorbet, I couldn't deny the similarities... The colour, the texture, even the packaging was fairly similar. The only thing that majorly differs is the price. Clinique moisture surge is £34 for a 50ml tub which isn't eye watering but for a bargain hunter like me this offering from the Body shop is impressive at just £12 for the same amount.

There is something very pleasing about this product being described as a sorbet and it feels just as refreshing as it sounds. It has the same gel like texture as the Clinique moisture surge but feels slightly more dense, though sinks into the skin with complete lightweight ease.

In terms of the performance, both feel like they are really soaking your skin and leave you feeling zingy and fresh faced but I would say with Clinique moisture surge you are left with softer bouncier skin but for the price, you would expect it to perform better.

Overall I am super impressed with The Body shops vitamin E aqua boost sorbet and will be using this on a daily basis to save my purse strings, but I will definitely treat myself to Cliniques Moisture surge once I have enough boots advantage points as an indulgent gift to myself...

The Body Shop also have great offers available in store almost every time I go in there and when they don't, I often find discounts to use through voucher cloud so its fabulous value. To check out the vitamin E range, click here

Which of these moisturisers is your favourite?

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