Tip of the week : the best way to dry your make up brushes

tip of the week - the best way to dry your make up brushes
Obviously you will all know that washing your make up brushes regularly is very important and I know everyone will have their different ways of doing so, but are you aware that if you leave your brushes to dry the wrong way, it allows water to corrode the glue that keeps the brush bristles in place? This then results in serious shedding which not only could leave attractive 'hairs' on your face but compromises the effectiveness of your brush and eventually destroys your brushes.

I always lie my brushes flat to dry which is O.K. Leaving brushes to dry with the bristles facing up is the worst way to leave your brushes to dry but I feel the best way, is to let them dry upside down. This is all very well if you have a special stand that allows you to do this, but if you don't, just standing them up is going to leave the brush tips to dry in the wrong shape which again will only hinder the effectiveness of your tools.

So I was left wondering how I could get the best from my brushes and dry them upside down and I have come up with a very bizarre way of doing this... You may well think what i am about to show you is the randomest strangest thing ever and some of you may write me off as losing the plot - my boyfriend looked very confused when he first laid eyes on this... but there will be some of you who may think this is a touch of genius!

You will need a wooden 'triangular' coat hanger and some butterfly hair clips....
Tip of the week - the best way to dry your make up brushes coat hanger clips mac real techniques eco tools
Brushes from Eco tools, real techniques and Mac.

Tip of the week - the best way to dry your make up brushes mac217 mac213 real techniques eco tools
Brushes from Eco tools, Real techniques and Mac.

Basically, as above I just used the butterfly clips to hook over the lower bar on the coat hanger and to grip the top of the handle of the brushes. wacky, but works!

So do you have any unusual make up tips or creations?


  1. This is actually such a great idea, I never thought about it!

    Much love xxx

  2. Never would have thought of this, great! x

    Eva // http://evasstudio.blogspot.co.uk/

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    1. Thank you so much lovely! Thats so sweet of you. Ive shared your page too, you have an amazing blog!

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  4. This is such a good idea! Definitely going to be trying this out x