My Soap & Glory faves

soap & glory boots faves breakfast scrub archery solar powder
Whilst having a bit of an unsuccessful clear out, I noticed that my Soap & Glory collection had progressively grown through 2014 and bunching them all together like this made me realise just how much I Love this brand. It took me a while to become interested in Soap & Glory because although gorgeous, the gimmicky packaging put me off. I think I just had Soap & Glory penned as a cheap product for teens that boots sold. I realise now that I had been very judgemental and I couldn't have misinterpreted the gorgeous chic retro inspired beauty heroes more if I tried. Obviously I love some of these products more than others and if I'm completely honest there are still loads of Soap & Glory items i am still desperate to try but here is my overview of the brand so far...
Soap & Glory Scrubs flake away breakfast scrub sugar scrub
Left to Right - Smoothie Star breakfast scrub, Flake away body scrub, Sugar crush body scrub
Ultimately, my absolute favourite products from the brand are the body scrubs. When I need body scrubs Soap & Glory are my 'go to' brand, not only do they smell amazing and buff away dead skin cells to perfection, they are only £8 which I think is a phenomenal price and they are often on offer at 3 for 2. My favourite out of the three is the smoothie star breakfast scrub. You have to feel it to believe it, the scrub particles are just right - not too gentle and not too harsh. Ingredients list bananas, almond and honey which amazed me because I am a serious bananaphobe. I never have smoothies because I can always taste the banana and I have an inbuilt radar that goes off anytime anyone in a 20 metre radius is eating one. I Detest bananas. Yet I love this.... So bizarre.
Flake away boasts peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar. This one is my least favourite but it is still a great scrub and if you favour more of a subtle, fresh scent, this is the one for you.  
Sugar Crush has the most mouthwatering smell ever! It reminds me of green fruit pastilles which makes it increasingly difficult to not shove a scoop of this into my mouth. The scrub is great too and this is my second pot of this particular scrub.
Soap & Glory faves the ultimelt hot cloth cleanser

The Ultimelt hot cloth cleanser is the only skincare product from soap & glory I have ever tried. Its no secret that I'm not an expert with skincare, I'm very much a newbie to the cleanse/tone/moisturise/etc routine because I don't believe the whole shebang is entirely necessary until your in your 20's when your skin starts to require more TLC. That opinion may be the reason why my skin looks dull most days but that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it! This came with a muslin cloth and feels like a real treat for your skin. I didn't use this daily, more like weekly as I use other cleansers daily and this one seems more like a pamper item. I have about 2 more uses in this tube and I probably will repurchase as it is so creamy and warm and melts off any residual make up a treat. It also smells almost lavender-y and spa like so is great to use when you really want to chill out at the end of the day. This was £10 which isn't the cheapest but the skincare in general is slightly more price wise than the make up and body products.
soap & glory faves solr powder love at first blush glow all out
Top Left - Glow all out Luminizing face powder. Top Right and compact - Love at first blush Multi shade blushing powder. Bottom Left - Solar powder Bronzer.
I bought the Soap & Glory love at first blush multi shade blushing powder a while ago and I really love it for pigmentation and used it non stop for several months but to be honest I feel I have moved on from shimmery blushes for the time being. The individual compacts are £11 and are fantastic, I just don't reach for this currently. I then bought the palette which includes love at first blush a year ago in the sales for £10 (bargain) and it was limited edition. I know it seems like I should bin these due to their age but the quality is still outstanding, they don't make me break out and they smell as fresh as the day I got them so that proves that these are worth investing in.
Also in this palette is the highly raved Solar powder bronzer which is gorgeous and I still use a lot. It is matte on one side and ever so slightly shimmery on the other but it is subtle and deep enough to use as contour.
Lastly, you get the Glow all out highlighter which is a fantastic subtle highlighter. Its definitely one of the best I've tried and I sadly hit pan as you can see but I will get this again as it is stunning.

Left to Right - Archery brow filling pencil and brush, Smoulder kohl pencil liner, Archery brow tint and shaping pencil.

Top - Archery brow tint and precision pencil Bottom - Archery brow filling pencil and brush.

Last but not least are these gems for your eyes. First, Smoulder kohl pencil eyeliner is a very underrated eye pencil. I love this and it is one of my favourite high street eyeliners. Its bold, its black, Its waterproof and doesn't budge and it comes with a fantastic sharpener on the lid which has a cap over to eliminate getting sharpened eyeliner everywhere and a little tool that enables you to clean any clogs you get whilst sharpening. This beaut is only £5 which is great value for money.
Then we have the battle of the 'archery' pencils! The first one I got was the brow tint and precision. This made an appearance on my 'disappointing products' blog as although its a great little tint, it dries so quickly! I only got a few good uses out of this before it became useless to me and its £10 which makes it £2 more expensive than the Archery brow filling pencil.
The Archery brow filling pencil however has become my all time favourite brow pencil. I love it! It is well known for being a dupe of the Anastasia Brow wiz but is only a mere £8 and the pencil is a lovely colour and not orangey at all. The brush is also a great size and as you can see above the nib of the pencil is tiny which allows for precise shading.

Next on my Soap & Glory wish list is their kick ass concealer, The sexy mother pucker gloss, the thick and fast mascara, the lid stuff shadow quad any of the body wash or shower butters and the 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash. What would you recommend?


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about their eyebrow pencils! I will have to go try them

    1. I personally think they are the best value brow products. definitely worth a look! :) x