Bath bomb basket

vintage bath bomb basket lush bom cosmetics joules

vintage wicker basket
Sometimes in life it is little things that make you smile and I've always been a fan of just gorgeous things and Nick naks, That's why I feel so lucky to have been gifted not only most of the deliciously scented bath bombs in these pics but also this fantastic vintage wicker basket! It of course would be perfect for picnics but being as its not exactly picnic weather right now I set to find a more alternative use for it that is ideal for chilly nights in.

My recent storage for my bath bombs was under the sink in the bathroom but i was finding that there was just too much moisture and it was compromising the quality of the bath bombs so decided to store them in this basket in my spare room alongside all of my make up shoes and all things nice. I'm delighted with the way it turned out and I also might use it eventually for candle storage. It would also make a great gift if you were feeling super generous but I'm definitely keeping this all to myself.

bath bomb basket lush bomb cosmetics joules

bath bomb basket lush joules bomb cosmetics

bath bomb basket lush joules bomb cosmetics

bath bomb basket lush heart throb
Bath bombs from Lush Left to Right - 'sugar scrub', 'butter bear' bath bomb, 'phoenix rising' bath bomb, 'avobath' bath bomb, 'heart throb' bubble bar, 'ickle baby bot' bath bomb,'honey bee' bath bomb

bath bomb basket bomb cosmetics
Bath bombs from bomb cosmetics Left to Right - 'midnight mass' Bath blaster, 'glitterballs' creamer, ginger bath blaster, 'flower shower' shower soap, 'rockin around the Christmas tree' bath mallow.

bath bomb basket joules
Bath bombs part of Christmas set by joules at boots

How do you store your bath bombs?


  1. That is literally opening a basket of dreams.

    My link Natalie's

    1. Thank you! it just makes me so happy at bathtime! :) x