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Trustworthy products are hard to come by these days. I'm often sucked into the latest fad or trend and left feeling lack-lustre. I obviously love most things i try but i don't know if I'm alone here but once the initial excitement wears off I'm searching for a replacement already... maybe i just have a problem?

Anyway, i thought id take a moment to appreciate the classic items in my collection that i use all the time and find myself relying on. Some of these products i use without fail and wouldn't even consider trying any competitors and some i just find myself coming back to time and time again,. Either way you can guarantee that i will have these around as my fail safe beauty staples the majority of the time.

L'oreal Professional silver gloss protect system shampoo
L'oreal Professional Silver Gloss protect system shampoo
This stuff is only really necessary if your blonde and crave a cool toned/platinum shade. I've used a few silver shampoo's and was never really impressed with any until i used this stuff. Its used in the salon i go to and really neautralises brassy tones (warning it is bright purple). I even leave it on extra long sometimes because i kinda like when it leaves a purple hue. You can buy this online and probably at salons that stock it but my advise is to buy it in bulk from amazon and decant into a smaller bottle. as you can see, this bottle is 1500ml which is loads and this bottle is huge and only cost me £15.

garnier micellar cleansing water
Garnier Micellar cleansing water
I like to have several cleansers at a time for different things but i always have this stuff to actually remove my make up. There's a lot of micellar waters on the market at the moment and the obvious choice is the bioderma micellar water which has been heavily raved about. I don't really think you can get that much of a varied performance with micellar waters , they all remove make up gently but brilliantly, but this one is a lot easier to get hold of and you get a lot of bang for your buck so this makes me happy.
aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor conditioner
Aussie 3 minute miracle
Ironically, i only have a travel sized bottle of this miraculous conditioner at the moment. I am desperately trying to find something that is better than this but its proving impossible. I bought my first bottle of this when i was 12 and its been my favourite conditioner ever since. There's a few different ones in the range (this one being the reconstructor) which i think are all good but some smell nicer than others. The smell by the way is so gorgeous. You're supposed to use this once a week as a deep conditioner but i use this with every wash because its phenominal. It doesn't weigh your hair down and detangles' like a dream. It is completely flawless.
mitchum deodrant
Mitchum advanced 48hr powder fresh deodorant
Im not gonna harp on about this one, its a deodorant. It works when your feeling particularly hormonal, this works better than any other deodorant ive ever tried. enough said.

beverley hills formula dentists choice toothpaste
Beverley Hills formula dentists choice gum and whitening expert sensitive toothpaste
This is the only toothpaste we buy in my house. Its a bit of a pain to be honest because its really not easy to find. They usually stock it at savers and they do several ranges and we buy in bulk when we see it as we don't know when we will find it again... it does what you would expect from a toothpaste and i like the packaging. My boyfriend claims that its apparently the best and dentists really do recommend it. I don't know where he has got his information from but its a good toothpaste.

tresemme heat defence styling spray
TRESemme heat defence styling spray
Heat is such a bad thing for your hair and i truly believe using tools at an unnecessary temperature or without the right defence is the worst thing you can do to your hair. Worse than colouring, backcombing, maybe even perming. Heat defence comes in many forms from serums to sprays, even shampoo and conditioner can now have heat defence so not protecting your hair is now unacceptable!! That said, some heat defence products I've used in the past have been shoddy and left my hair in a bit of a state which is why I'm reluctant to try others as i know that this works! TRESemme products all have that lovely signature smell too which is an added bonus to me and this also is pretty weightless as there's nothing worse than a hair product that leaves build up or residue, especially if your like me and get chip fat hair after 24 hours.

TRESemme salon finish freeze hold hairspray
TRESemme salon finish freeze hold hairspray
TRESemme making another appearance in my beauty staples, this time with their salon finish freeze hold hairspray. This does exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing is more irritating to me than a hairspray that does nothing, in my opinion, go big or go home! As I've said above, i get greasy hair very quickly so i only use hairspray if i have some sort of fiddly hairstyle that really needs it so this stuff is just perfect for that. It has miles more hold than any other hairspray I've ever used and i love anything i can buy a really big quantity of.

Rimmel Stay matte long lasting pressed powder
Rimmel Stay matte long lasting pressed powder
This powder is fantastic. It is around the £3 mark and mattifies your skin and improves the wear of your make up wonderfully. I've used some more expensive powders and found that they have left me a bit on the orange side or I've hit pan super quick.
nails inc caviar top coat
Nails Inc caviar top-coat
This one is a new favourite of mine but i can tell it is already an all time favourite. This is without a doubt the best top coat I have ever used. I'm pretty lazy with nails and i find that when I've applied a colour to my nails in a couple of coats and its at that tacky stage i can whack this stuff on and it dries the whole look up in a instant. Its so convenient and improves the look and wear of my nail varnish too.

Vaseline lip therapy
Vaseline lip therapy
Firstly, these tins are a bit battered. I am forever chucking these into my handbag as they are the best for your lips. I used to use vaseline for a million and one things. Lip balm, eyebrow wax, eyelash conditioner... I even used to use it on dry skin but I've learnt its not actually too great for your skin so i just use it on my lips. It conditions and adds gloss to an otherwise bland lipstick. I also get so excited when they bring out a limited edition scent or tint.

L'oreal superliner
L'oreal Superliner
This is the only black liquid eyeliner i use and believe me, i have tried hundreds. I think the gold one is the regular superliner and the black one i believe is waterproof. I am so fussy with liquid eyeliners. I've bought really cheap ones before that sort of flake away throughout the day or that aren't a true black and can be watery. These are so pigmented and bold and do not budge. I can also be picky with application of liquid eyeliners, oddly i usually like a brush to a sponge and that is the only thing i would change about these as these have a narrow sponge nib but to be honest it keeps its shape and as its so narrow means you can still get a precise line. I also love that you dip the sponge into the product as the liquid eyeliner that come in pen form irritate the heck out of me as product never comes out fluently.
L'oreal superliner brow artist
L'oreal superliner Brow Artist
I guess I'm a fan of the superliner range in general as here is the superliner brow artist! decent brow products are hard to find on the high street and i still feel there's improvements to be made on that front... This nearly ticks all the boxes. It has an eyebrow pencil on one end and a wax on the over with a brush on the lid. The colour is a little bit warm which is disappointing but its much better than most high street brow products which can give a bit of a ginger glow to your brows. I don't really use the wax if I'm honest but the pencil is great, i love it. I am currently using the soap and glory archery pencil ( the pen offended me) which is O.K and the colours are great but i don't find it defines as well as this.
What are your beauty staples? do you also use any that i have mentioned? what would you recommend i try?


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