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smashbox primer try it kit sample
So we have already established that i am a cheapskate and that i hate to part with my cash so if there's ever a way to save money I'm all over it!!

When it comes to more pricey beauty and make-up, i am always very sceptical as you don't really know if the product is for you and even if the product in question is something that has been highly raved about on blog's or youtube, everyone is different!

That is why i am glad i stumbled across this little sample kit from smashbox, currently for sale at boots for the bargain price of £12. The kit consists of what smashbox claim to be their best selling primers, Photo finish foundaton primer, photo finish lid primer and photo finish hydrating under eye primer. They all come wrapped up in tissue paper which lead to somewhat of an anti climax for me as after all the packaging the tubes are so teeny. Cute, but a little disappointing.
smashbox primer try it kit unboxing

smashbox primer try it kit scale picture

I guess for the price, your getting what you pay for really as a full sized photo finish foundation primer is around £25, but the box is deceiving as its a lot bigger than the tubes.
So onto the products in question! do they live up to the hype? First of all, we have the Photo finish foundation primer which you use wherever you feel necessary on your face. Ideally you just want to apply this to areas which are oily or where you have enlarged pores. so i used it on the majority of my face...
smashbox photo finish foundation primer
Now this isn't a bad primer at all and it smoothes over pores as you would expect and i did find my make up lasted a little longer than normal. I had super high expectations for this so i did feel a little underwhelmed, but it does what it is supposed to. I did find that it is remarkably similar to the maybelline baby skin primers which are a fraction of the price so i don't think ill be investing in the large tube for that reason.
I was most excited about the photo finish lid primer which has a sponge applicator and is like a concealer in colour and consistency.

smashbox photo finish lid primer
This one is the one that i found most disappointing. I didn't really feel like it did anything to benefit the appearance or staying power of my eyeshadow, in fact i found that my eyeshadow creased a lot worse than normal! I usually use concealer on my eye lids as a primer which i know isn't what professional make up artists would recommend but it does the job. I would however love to try the urban decay eyeshadow primer potion and you can also buy a smaller size in those so keep your eyes peeled for a review on that in the future.
Also in the kit, contains the photo finish hydrating under eye primer which i cant say i was particularly excited for but it actually turned out to be the one thing out of this kit that i would invest in a full-sized version of.

smashbox photo finish hydrating under eye primer
This is a salmon toned creamy primer and i found this was great for colour correction of dark circles and was a great little prep step before adding a nice brightening concealer. Although its a bit of a faff having a separate primer just for the under eyes i think it is a welcome step to my routine or could just be used for nights out when you really want to look a million dollars.
Although i was disappointed in the two products, im still really glad i got this as its saved me a lot of money! A lot of people love smashbox primers so i would recommend this kit if you are curious as you might really love them too.

What primers have you tried and liked? do you want a primer to improve the appearance of your skin or to improve the staying power of your make up?

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