Christmas Lush goodies

Lush christmas bath bombs and melts
I thought id get in there just before the weekend when you all might be out and about shopping, getting in the festive spirit and looking for gifts for friends and family and yourself...of course.

I cannot think of anything more delightful at this time of year than running a toasty bath, lighting some candles and playing some really cool hip music....or in my case Celine Dion. The icing on the cake for me, is to make sure the candles are christmassy (Have you seen my last blog?!) and the bath scents match in festivity.

in case you haven't heard about the festive range at lush, let me enlighten you! In the image above we have Melting Snowman, Father Christmas, Butterbear, Cinders(clockwise from the snowman). These are all quite variable in scents but all smell festive and trust me, there is nothing more comforting!

Cinders is more spicy, think Christmas pudding meets frankincense and myrhh..ish. Father Christmas is citrusy but still festive and butterbear and melting snowman are rich and almondy like marzipan or cookies.

They also have loads of Christmas goodies that smell sickly and sweet like the classic snowfairy shower gel, but to be honest I'm not on board with these. i definitely prefer vanilla/almond scents or spicy scents at Christmas as that is what gets me feeling nostalgic!!

I've already worked my way through cinders and melting snowman and both were just wonderful! I'm saving father Christmas until we are in the thick of yule time but will be sampling butterbear this weekend and if i like, i will be stocking up on these as they are under £2 each. Bargain!
I also cannot wait to try Yognog soap, Snow angel Bath melt, celebrate body cream and hot toddy shower gel. All of these i gave a wiff in store and was blown away.

So, have you tried any of the Christmas range at Lush yet? what scents get you in the Christmas spirit?

Keeping it short and sweet this week as i am working on some changes to my blog so please be patient with me! I'm really excited about what i have planned and hope you are too! 

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