The perfect Christmas candle

I was not looking for a christmas candle. I was also not looking for an adorable kitsch center piece for my coffee table. I wasnt looking for a mouth watering sweet scent that would fill my living room. I did however find all of those things and welcomed it with open arms into my T.K Maxx basket and then with much anticipation, my home.

I always casually browse the homewear section at T.K Maxx and lose all concept of time when i get to the candle aisle deciphering which candles to buy and then, leave empty handed. I dont know why i do this all the time and its not that the candles arent good because they are i just always have candles at home. My mum thinks this notion is ridiculous and has advised me you can never have enough candles... she does have a point.
This weekend i stumbled upon this beauty and it just took my breath away! I never thought a candle could be so incredibly cool. I was spoiled for choice with all the different flavours displayed in the similar retro style jars. I was also tempted by the eggnog and peppermint one and also the mocha, to be honest i wish id got the whole lot as once this has been used up ill re-use the jar with a tea light at christmas.

This one is milk and cookies and it just smells so delicious, i could fool anyone to think im baking a batch of the gooiest richest chocolate chip cookies when the truth is, my oven broke months ago! Too often i buy yummy scented candles which do not deliver the goods and once lit do nothing to fragrance the room. This one seriously packs a punch.

The best thing about this is that it only cost £4.99!! I know that when i go back they will have sold out so i recommend you get in there fast as these are so gimmicky and festive but at the same time completely awesome. These would also make really quirky gifts and as they are under a fiver would be ideal for secret santa.

I think it is fair to say Christmas has arrived in my house...

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