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Don't you just hate it when all of your products run out at the same time? It means only one thing - an expensive trip to boots! Well anyone i know will tell you that i generally don't need much persuasion when it comes to replenishing my cosmetics but i thought i would at least try and be constructive and give you all an insight to how the above products performed and as I've used up every smidge of product going from shower gel to concealer you know I've not just based my opinions on a couple of applications.
so here it goes, Left to Right...
  1. Soap & Glory Sugar crush Body scrub

    I love Soap and glory's body scrubs so much! i have 3 of them at the moment and think they are great value at £8 each and they often have 3 for 2 offers on. This one smells like lime sweets which are my favourite kind. The scrub itself is brilliant, however if i was going to buy just one S&G scrub it would be the breakfast scrub which is just in a league of its own. I have repurchased this however as its a lovely fresh fruity smell which i find is great in the morning.
  2. Avon Supercurlacious mascara

    This mascara was a decent everyday mascara and Avon is pretty reasonably priced. This lasted me a while before it dried up but i cant say that i noticed this make my lashes any curlier that said, it certainly wasn't a bad mascara. I haven't repurchased this as i have a lot of mascaras currently which are better but its definately unoffensive.
  3. Champneys Spa indulgence oriental opulence bubble heaven

    These are sold in packs of three and this one was gifted to me and I've never tried these before. They are essentially a bubble bath but are super luxurious and thick. I also found this one to have a very subtle shimmer to it. I have to say, the smell of this is gorgeous and really does make you feel like you are in a spa as it is very sweet yet sophisticated and clean. The only thing i found to be annoying with this is its not the easiest to disperse into your bath but I'm nit picking really.
  4. Avon SuperExtend extreme mascara

    As the second Avon mascara in this post i have to say i did prefer this one as it did lengthen my lashes considerably and out of the two i would buy this one again. they are both fairly average however and I'm not in any rush to repurchase.
  5. Nivea Happy time shower gel

    I'm tempted every time i browse soap & glory's range to try their shower gels but i just cant shake off the fact that this shower gel is 99p and has been my most favourite trust worthy shower gel ever. I'm a big believer of the saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' and this is how i feel about this! its creamy and lathers up perfectly and smells orangey and invigorating but at the same time sweet. If you haven't tried this, give it a go.
  6. Primark coconut and vanilla cream candle
    This candle has blown my mind, seriously. It is £2 which is so cheap. You can also get a smaller one for 80p and a bigger three wick one for £3.50 ( i think). I have got through so many of these as they smell sweet and coconutty without being overly synthetic and the smell fills the room which is so rare in such a cheap candle. They don't last forever but for £2 i was really impressed with how long it does last. I always get compliments when i burn this and its just great to have some of these for every day use so you can save your yankee candles for best.
  7. Dove advanced hair series pure care dry oil conditioner

    Ive mentioned before how i have really greasy hair. its not pleasant and feel like its a constant battle as i don't want to over wash my hair but don't want to resemble a deep fat fryer either, which is why i was a little sceptical about this 'dry oil' conditioner. I was pleasantly surprised as it is lovely and moisturising without making my hair any greasier. I loved the smell and consistency of this as it was luxurious in scent and thin in consistency so a little went a long way. needless to say i only applied this to the ends of my hair which is he only place i need moisture and it did the job. I would get it again but i like to experiment with different conditioners so we will see...
  8. Original Source chocolate and mint shower gel

    As with the nivea shower gel, original source shower gels have been another trustworthy brand for shower gel. I always get sucked in to buying original source when they bring out different scents I've not tried especially if they are limited edition. This one was purchased for my boyfriend but i kind of ended up using it too. It was O.K, i like mint in shower gels as they are tingly and chocolate is always welcome too. I prefer the nivea one out of the two.
  9. Maybelline Dream matte mousse foundation

    I am so late on the bandwagon for this. I remember when this came out probably 10 years ago and i remember thinking 'how is that going to last longer than a week, the pot is tiny!' and that has always put me off buying this. high coverage foundations are usually what i reach for but as the days started to get warmer this summer i was craving something different and my friend recommended this and i thought why not? I am so glad i did! this is such a lovely foundation, it feels weightless but yet gives enough coverage to wake your skin up and I'm happy to say this actually lasted me a lot longer than many of me other foundations having only ran out in October. Another thing i love is that it is so low maintenance, this actually looks better when applied with your finger tips. This will now probably be my summer time staple foundation.
  10. L'Oreal Skin Perfection 15 second miracle cleansing oil
    When it comes to my cleansing routine i really like to mix it up. I always have some micellar water to remove stubborn eye make-up and i like to have a cream cleanser on standby also but lately i have been experimenting with hot cloth balm cleansers and this cleansing oil was also a first. I love this and found it was really nice to use when i was in the bath as part of a pamper regime. Oil is great at shifting make-up and this did exactly what it was supposed to do and injected a bit of moisture into my skin at the same time. I will probably get this again.
  11. Maybelline concealer

    I don't even know what this is, it is so old that the packaging is no longer feasible and if they still have this in their current range, the packaging has definately changed so i will never be able to repurchase this which is a shame because it was fab. I usually use a concealer to conceal blemishes and a concealer to highlight and with stick concealers like this i would only really use them to conceal blemishes as they are quite thick and don't offer any highlighting qualities. This was so good at covering spots and was heavy duty, great for bad skin days. I'm gutted this is finished ( and there really is NOTHING left of this now) and i guess this has made this blog because I'm sort of hoping someone might be able to tell me what on earth this was!

    Have you bought any of the above? what have you currently used up and loved? what would you avoid?

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