Perfect Autumn hilight and blush combo


For me, Autumn means one thing. Rich deep reds, burgundy and gold and here i have discovered in my opinion what is the perfect autumn combo to achieve an effortless glowy autumn into winter look.

I will just add a disclaimer that when i say glow, i really mean glow. I love natural eyes and foundation but generally with highlight and lips i tend to go slightly overboard and I'm not ashamed to say it!

So, the golden question. What is this miracle combo  speak of? Well, all of you bargain hunters will be pleased to know the two products used to achieve my autumnal cheeks collectively cost £7.49 and with 3 for 2 currently on all cosmetics in superdrug you could even get a little freebie with that.
The blush used is of course a Sleek blush in shade 'Pomegranate'. I love sleek blush and always rely on them for a super pigmented easy to blend pop of colour. They have loads of shades and cater for shimmer queens and matte lovers alike. They also do cream blush but i am yet to try those.

'Pomegranite' is VERY bold and pigmented and trust me, you do not need a lot of this. I barely touch the bristles of my brush into this and it is more than enough and you need to seriously buff and blend this in. For this reason i never really reached for this colour but i really learnt to adore this blush and it is all I've worn so far this autumn. Its berry tone colour with warm shimmer go perfectly with bold vampy lips and i find when applied right, this is such a flattering colour that would suit all skin tones.
As for that super dewy glow I've been pairing this with M.U.A Undress your skin highlighter in iridiscent gold. 
This is the second MUA highlight i own and i didn't think i would like this as i tend to opt for cooler toned highlights as I'm pale. This works beautifully with 'pomegranite' and i just cannot get enough! like i said before if you prefer a natural barely there highlight you might want to go sparingly with this or go for a different highlighter, but it hits the nail on the head for me. I sweep this at the top of my cheek bones and round to my temples and it just brightens up a dull day!

As you can see from the above swatch, they are both full of pigment so i always apply a little bit at a time.

Sleek 'Pomegranite' is currently £4.49 and MUA undress your skin in 'iridiscent' gold is £3 leaving you change for a magazine and/or sandwich. perfect.
What are your thoughts on highlight? less is more? The more the merrier? What is your favourite sleek blushes? what is your autumn beauty staple?

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