10 Disappointing products

No one likes to be a negative Nancy, but I have to admit i love hearing about what products haven't worked out for someone and why. I guess its so i can learn from other peoples mistakes and save some pennies in the process. Needless to say, no matter how much research I try to do before setting off to the shops, i still find a little disappointment in something every now and then and judging by this stash I've been unintentionally collecting some of these items may well surprise you!
NUMBER 1 : Lacura Smoothing face scrub
I'm not going to sugar coat it, Lacura is just the brand they sell in Lidl or Aldi ( no hate, i cant tell the two apart). I guess its hardly surprising this was a disappointment as it was only a couple of quid but I seem to remember reading in magazines that Lacura was a hidden beauty gem and competed with high end skin care so obviously i was curious.
There is nothing overly offensive about this, you just get what you pay for. Its no frills and I've tried scrubs a lot better than this. It is unscented and as a result smells a little off and unpleasant which i do not see as a selling point.

NUMBER 2 : Soap and glory Archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil
So this one may be a shocker! I love Soap and glory as a brand and i know so many people LOVE this brow pencil. I did love this, the colour is bang on and doesn't have that yucky fake looking orange tone that so many high street brow products do. It also applies beautifully and easily, so I was completely obsessed with this for about a week. Then it dried up or ran out. either way no more product would come out. Its such a shame as the product itself is gorgeous but at £10, you expect it to last longer than a week and that is what upset me.

NUMBER 3 : Bourjois smoky eyes eyeshadow trio in vintage rose
I still use this trio but i would be lying if i said it was a favourite. The formula of these shadows are just difficult. They don't transfer onto a brush easily and seem a little too solid. I can make these work with a little persistence but then i find you
end up using so much of the product in one use. I also found these a little too shimmery but that is very much a matter of preference. As with all these pallets/quads/trio's the brush provided is pretty useless also but that's a given.

NUMBER : 4 L'oreal Paris Lumi magique pearl powder
This is almost definitely an issue that only i have and that is that i don't see the point in a highlighter unless i can see it. This powder is way too subtle for my liking and that is why after having this for about 2 weeks i hit pan. Most people like a subtle highlight though and if that is you definitely give this a go. If like me you like a very obvious glow, i recommend the highlighters by M.U.A which are beautiful.
NUMBER 5 : Maxfactor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation.
I was so frustrated at this foundation. I do not see the hype and cannot see how this has got away with the '3 in 1' tag. Its not '3 in 1' its a foundation. this is useless as a concealer and i found i needed a primer more than any other foundation i own with this as it is uneven, streaky and when used with a brush leaves brush strokes. It is such a pain to blend and doesn't really leave much coverage but just settles unattractively in any dry or wrinkly areas you may have. Maybe i had a bad one? is that a thing? I don't get it!
NUMBER 6 : Seventeen falsifeye HD mascara
If you read my last blog 7Days 7Mascaras you will already know my views on this. I love the effect it gives to your lashes and definitely elongates and gives volume, so i do use this mascara. Its only really good for a couple of hours though. Then it flakes off and leaves you with disastrous panda eyes. Like i said, i use this mascara and enjoy it, i just don't know if ill repurchase when i run out.
NUMBER 7 : Aussie miracle dry shampoo mega instant
This stuff was just a pointless gimmick. That might seem harsh but its true. I love most of the Aussie line and always think its such great value as i prefer it over salon brands. That's why this was a huge disappointment. It doesn't add texture, it doesn't remove grease, it doesn't smell nice at all and after a few uses the nozzle got clogged up.
NUMBER 8 : Loreal Paris GlamShine Stain splash
Where do i start, this was even difficult to photograph! I don't really know why i got this as its not the kind of colour i normally go for and i usually play it safe and buy lip sticks over gloss/lacquer/stains unless i hear amazing reviews. This was uncomfortable and sticky to wear and the colour was just blah. I love the packaging and the wand but it also smelt sweet fruity and a bit chemically like fairy liquid. I much prefer rimmel apocolips. I wont waste any more time or money on these. I do however like the glamshine glosses though but as i say I'm more of a lipstick girl.
NUMBER 9 : Barry M Gelly hi - shine nail paint in guava
Another shock product!! I am yet to hear anyone say anything bad about these. I think i am alone when i say that these were just awkward to apply. I wonder if I'm unlucky and just pick up the dodgy ones but this dried so streaky even with a couple of coats. Weirdly it works OK on my toes but overall i just didn't get the hype.
NUMBER 10 : Botanics mattifying gel cream SHINE AWAY
Before i begin with this one i have to give a well deserved and rarely admitted shout out to botanics. Yes, the brand is cheap and cheerful and No, these products wont perform miracles but overall they do the job and i own quite a few products that i use and like. I had a voucher to use up and needed a moisturiser and i don't know why i got this as its not really a moisturiser at all. I think what had me hooked was that the consistency was very similar to cliniques moisture surge which i LOVE. I could not have got it more wrong than with this product. It is definitely NOT a dupe. I would go as far as saying this stuff is unfit for purpose. Its doesn't do anything. It doesn't mattify all it does is creates a unappealing film on the skin which when massaged into the skin starts to peel away from the skin leaving bits of product residue all over your face. It is deeply unsatisfying and completely useless. Avoid.

Have you tried any of these products and had a different reaction? do you have any tips onto how i can make these products more beneficial? what products have disappointed you?

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