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I've decided to do a little mini series if you will, called '7Days' where ill be focusing on a particular item of make-up and finding 7 different products to wear for each day of the week.

For my first '7Days' i decided to kick it off with mascaras and I've picked 7 of my favourite high street mascaras. Some of these are all time favourites that i find myself repurchasing and others are fairly new releases that i have tried and loved.
MONDAY : Max factor masterpiece mascara
Price - £9.99 at boots
Best for - Definition
Downside - one of the most expensive out of the seven.
After a long weekend i feel on Monday a pick me up is needed. This mascara is so trustworthy and has been a firm favourite of mine since i was a teenager. It has a plastic brush and applies easily, it is bold and black and adds definition and length perfectly. If your still half asleep come Monday morning (or even afternoon for that matter) no one will know.
TUESDAY : Maybelline Great lash mascara
Price - £4.99 at Boots
Best for - Price! Bargain!
Downside - Pretty bog standard
So the week is in full swing and you are now as fresh as a daisy. For Tuesday i like to go for a fairly natural eye look and then it leaves me the option to go full amp with a lipstick. Maybelline Great lash is a cult classic and most people i know have given it a whirl. I think its a great mascara for everyday wear and looks the most natural out of all of the seven and the packaging of this mascara will always have a place in my heart as it is so 80's.
WEDNESDAY : L'Oreal Paris Miss manga
Price - £8.99 at Boots
Best for - Wide eye/Doll Lashes
Downside - Dries up fairly quickly
When i first bought this mascara the results were a lot bolder but unfortunately this mascara does tend to dry fairly quickly. This is a great midweek mascara as it is perky and fluttery. This was all i used for the first couple of weeks of purchase. The brush is quite unusual as it tapers towards the end and is super flexible but i found this allowed me to coat every fiddly lash perfectly.
THURSDAY : Rimmel London Lash accelerator endless
Price - £7.99 at boots
Best for - Boldness
Downside - Can be messy to apply
This is my newest find and I love this! it looks lovely and leaves me lashes looking long, Bold and voluminous. I have been wearing this pretty much non-stop so for no other reason, why not wear this on a Thursday? would be great for after work drinks too. I had to think long and hard for a downside and the only thing i could think of is on first application i found the long plastic brush a bit tricky and made a couple of smudges as it is quite wet on the lashes. 
FRIDAY : Revlon Lash potion by Grow luscious

Price - £9.99 at Boots
Best for - Volume
Downside - Difficult to remove
As you can probably tell from the image, this is very well loved! I didn't actually realise until now that they make a non-waterproof version of this. I have the waterproof one and it is a great waterproof mascara which is something i struggle to find satisfaction with in general. This of course makes it perfect for a Friday to wear morning until morning if you are a bit of a party animal. Another thing to note with this is that the brush is huge which really creates a gorgeous amount of volume.
SATURDAY : Maybelline Falsies
Price - £7.99 at boots
Best for - False lash effect
Downside - Packaging isn't as exciting?!
There's not a lot wrong with this product at all. It is possibly my favourite! It is perfect for a Saturday as it is big, bold,curvy and wonderful. The brush is curved and really hugs the lashes which i think is how it creates such a fantastic finish. Glorious!
SUNDAY : Seventeen falsifeye HD
Price - £6.99
Best for - Length
Downside - Very flaky/Panda eyes
I have a love hate relationship with this one... It looks lovely on and the plastic brush give a beautiful bold, defined, long finish. It also flakes and leaves you with big, bold, defined panda eyes! I figured as i rarely go near my make-up bag on a Sunday, this would fit in brilliantly as i can pop it on if i need to go to the shops for a maximum of two hours...
I haven't however tried this with an eyelash primer so maybe that might be the way to make this mascara shine?!

What are your staple mascaras? have you tried any of the above?

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