Battle Apocalips : Velvet vs Lacquer

As you are probably aware, Everyone is raving about a 90's matte lip right now and I knew it wouldn't be long before some really great matte lip products hit the high street. When i noticed the new range of Rimmel 'apocalips' i did a double take when i noticed in block capitals around the bottle the word 'MATTE' and you know the drill, i could not resist!

I picked up the colour atomic rose which is what i would call a rosy nude. There is only 4 colours available right now which was a little disappointing if I'm honest but i think i definitely made the right colour choice.

When i tried this on for the first time, it got me thinking to how it measured up with the blockbusting original apocalips lip lacquers released a year or two ago, so i thought i would compare the matte 'atomic rose' with my original apocalips lacquer in 'eclipse' which is a deep maroon red. 

APPLICATOR/APPLICATIONBoth come with a beautiful applicator which hold the product perfectly and gives an even distribution. I found the matte 'apocalips' to apply easier although this could be because it is the lighter colour of the two and is generally a very forgiving tint.Winner : Matte 

PIGMENTATIONBoth are packed with bold colour and this is what made the original 'apocalips' so popular. The thing i always liked about the lacquer is that although very pigmented when applied thick, you could also apply very thinly and build upon the colour to achieve a more unique effect. This was not possible with the matte as its texture is a lot drier naturally.
Winner : Lacquer

When it came to the appearance, i absolutely love the matte. not only does it look bang on trend but i find this colour suits me really well and i think it would generally be flattering for most people. The lacquer was really tricky to get right and looked a bit messy. If you can get a matching liner, i would definitely advise it for the lacquers not only to get a more symmetrical finish but i also find this colour in particular bled out at the edges after about half an hour. Not attractive.
Winner : Matte
Both were long lasting but with the lacquer, you really do get that desired stain which doesn't budge all day. I did find that although long lasting, once the matte had worn off it disappeared completely.
Winner : Lacquer 

I have an issue with the smell of the lacquers.... it kind of reminds me of beetroot. Has anyone else noticed this? Fortunately the matte does not have this odour but the formula of the mattes are quite uncomfortable and drying which does let these down considerably. Your lips have to be in tip top shape for any matte product. 
Winner : Matte ( I really do hate that smell...)So for me the matte 'apocalips' just about win although i do still like both. Have you tried rimmels 'apocalips'? which do you prefer? what colours are your favourites?

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