Tip of the week - D.I.Y deep conditioning treatment

Tip of the week deep conditioning james brown

It's fair to say that this January I have been having a bad hair month! As you may have seen on previous blog posts like this one, I dyed my hair lavender during December. When the Christmas break was over, I had to get the dye back out for work which usually is not a problem for me but this time, I was left with a greeny blue tinge to my hair that would not budge for love nor money! I tried so many removal techniques like baking soda, washing detergent, anti dandruff shampoo...even ketchup! Nothing worked, every attempt just resulted in very dry hair. I decided to wait until my next hair appointment to see what they could do but while I waited I decided the best thing to do was to recondition my hair with some treatments.

I actually did a bit of hairdressing at college and that is where I learnt how to do this weeks tip which is a fantastic way to really saturate your hair and bring back some needed moisture. This is great for anyone really but if like me you bleach your hair this can really add back some life to your dry hair.

Here is what you will  need...

tip of the week - diy deep conditioner tools
Left to Right - Cling film, James brown intensive moisture mask, wide toothed comb, babyliss Designer collection hairdryer, towel.

You can use any conditioner really but if you have very dry or damaged hair I would recommend an intensive mask or treatment like this James brown one. You will also need cling film, a towel, a hairdryer and a wide toothed comb. Do not use a brush on wet hair ever!

What you will need to do is dampen the hair and I washed my hair at this point which is optional. You then need to towel dry your hair and gently comb your hair with the wide toothed comb (I repeat again, NOT a hair brush) working from the bottom up to prevent hair breakage.

you then literally drench your hair in the conditioner. If you have a friend to help you it really pays off to section your hair off and apply the conditioner with a brush to ensure every strand of hair is covered.

 Then you will need to wrap your hair up in cling film which not only allows you to get on with what you like without making a mess but it also locks in heat which will help the hair absorb moisture.

tip of the week - DIY deep conditioning treatment
As you can see, this is a very sexy look. If you need to put the bins out or walk the dog, pop to the shops I would wait until your done personally.
Once your hair is all wrapped up, you then need to wrap this up in the towel. This is mainly to protect your hair from too much heat.

It's this point where you just need to use the hairdryer to apply heat to your head. If it is a really hot day you could skip this part but I think this is where the magic starts to happen! I use moderate pressure and moderate heat and I usually just evenly rotate the heat around my head for 5-10 minutes. Here's another sexy picture...

tip of the week - DIY deep conditioning treatment

Once you have applied enough heat, you now need to relax and let your head cool. You can leave it how it is as long as you like and to be honest, the longer the better! I like to read a magazine with a face mask on or paint my nails at this stage... Whatever you like! You can even leave it on overnight.

Once you are ready, you just need to thoroughly rinse your hair. This could take longer than when you normally rinse out conditioner as areas may dry a little but you need to keep at it because you don't want any residue left on your hair.

Then, just dry or style as normal and you should notice that your hair feels lovely and soft and in much better condition!

If you have particularly damaged hair, you may need to do this weekly for a while but It is so worth doing!

What conditioner will you use? what are your favourite things to do on a pamper night?

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