Favourite skin base combination - springtime

favourite base combo dior maybelline spring
Lately, my skin has had an agenda of its own. Its dry in areas and oily in others and quite frankly has been a nightmare!

As a result my whole regime has needed a shake up and while I am still on the hunt for the moisturiser dreams are made of and still trying to pin point what exactly has been the cause of my skins sudden rebellious turn I have discovered my dream foundation and concealer.

Dior Forever foundation is a medium coverage foundation and offers a slight matte finish so I wasn't expecting this to work with my skin currently, it was purchased on a whim when I just lost control of the purse strings and fell for every word the lady at the make up counter was telling me. In conclusion, it shouldn't work with my skin right now. Miraculously, it really does!

Every other foundation in my collection right now bunches up and ends up patchy by end of play with exclusion to my holy grail Chanel Vita Lumiere, problem being that my sun depraved winter skin does not match my Chanel Vita Lumiere as it was purchased last summer. After test driving the Dior Forever foundation I can honestly say the finish is velvet like, bouncy and flawless and feels comfortable and not too claggy on the skin. I also cannot deny that the bottle is the most fancy packaging ever and makes using this foundation feel like a real treat.

As for concealer, I've always been an advocate for stick solid style concealers to cover blemishes as they're so heavy duty they leave no hint of redness. This is all well and good but when your struggling with a partial cornflake cake face the last thing you need is something drying in texture. After watching the 24hr  super stay concealer by Maybelline on a Youtube video and seeing the instant results I knew I had to try this! I was not disappointed, this stuff is the best for covering blemishes, its consistency is like nothing I have ever tried. Whilst creamy in texture it can certainly hold its own and after 30 seconds this stuff sets in place and does not budge. I tried this as an under eye highlighting concealer and I would say to stick to a lighter coverage concealer for under eyes as this is too heavy duty and did crease under my eyes but I never expect one concealer to cover angry red blemishes and highlight anyway - Who does?

So if your really looking for base that will break the mould, try these!! The Dior Forever foundation is a higher priced luxury item at £33 but I think it is worth every penny and when paired with the super cheap concealer you will be laughing.

Like I said, I am still on the hunt for some super hydrating skincare products and am trialing a Sanctuary overnight mask but I would love to hear what works for you, especially as a day moisturiser so please let me know your thoughts!

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