Graphic monochrome liner featuring maybelline master ink

maybelline master ink eyeliner monochrome sixties

I've been admiring monochrome graphic eyeliner for a while now and lancomes white eyeliner have been near the top of my lust list, so when I noticed that Maybelline had this master ink eyeliner in white and matte black I felt my creative senses tingling!! These are also under a fiver each and boots currently have buy one get one half price on Maybelline products so I didn't really think twice about getting these.

Graphic monochrome liner featuring maybelline master ink hippie sixties

Graphic monochrome liner featuring maybelline master ink hippie sixties

Now one thing I will say is if you have young full skin with no wrinkles, this is going to be a much easier look for you as I can say that white eyeliner is not flattering and is so much harder to work with precisely. The product itself is great and I was very impressed with the pigmentation, the white eyeliner is not watery like I expected as long as you give it a good shake beforehand. Both of these liners are also quite buildable, so often liquid eyeliners bunch or flake up when you try to add more coats.

Overall, I do love these Maybelline master ink liners and I'm sure with more practice I can get sharper lines and smoother curves. I'm also looking forward to using the white eyeliner to contrast against a vivid colourful eye - generally if you love to experiment with make up these for the price are a must but if your expecting instant perfection or don't like stepping outside your comfort zone, these aren't for you.

What are your thoughts on white eyeliner? what trends are you currently loving?

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