Birch box August - #beautyjunkie

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie
It's Birchbox time again! the time of the month where I review the popular subscription box. Augusts was O.K, some real gems in there and some other items
that I'm not so excited about... The Dark horse of this box for me was the grey rope style scrunchy which I have been using on an almost daily basis!
The actual box this month had a pretty cute sort of emoji design on it which I think is a little juvenile for my liking but this will be a great box to re use as a gift box.
Birchbox August #beautyjunkie

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie
On first glance, I was very excited to see a Lord & Berry product making an appearance as I am yet to try anything from this brand and I use cleansing waters a lot so I was generally pretty happy with the selection overall this month.

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie Kebelo clarifying shampoo
When Birchbox offer out a shampoo sample half of me is excited as they are perfect for taking on a weekend away somewhere, however I always seem get a shampoo sample so its almost old news. This particular clarifying shampoo from Kebelo RRP at £13.95 was a little underwhelming and It took a lot of work and product to get a decent lather and although it cleaned my hair I cant say it was the best clarifying shampoo I have ever tried. As Kebelo aren't a brand I have ever heard of I don't know if I will be excited to try anything from their line again however I'm always open minded.

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie Rituals Organic rice milk & cherry blossom Rice scrub
Rituals is another brand that I am yet to try and I have heard amazing things about the brand, offering indulgent scents and this Organic Rice milk & Cherry blossom Rice scrub RRP £10 was no exception. I am a huge fan of anything cherry blossom and have never tried a rice scrub and I absolutely loved this scrub, the grains are fine yet feel like they're getting the job done and its a pretty big bottle so this was a total winner for me, Thanks Birchbox! Very generous of you.

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie bionike defence tolerance essential cleansing water
I use micellar cleansing waters on a daily basis to remove my make up and I expected this defence tolerance essential cleansing water by Bionike to be pretty similar to be honest and I am always happy to try new ones having nearly exhausted Boots selection. This was not strictly a micellar water and the texture was quite bizarre, like a water based gel and although it effectively removed my make up with no sensitivity it did require a large amount to remove a full face so its not something I would invest in at £12.20 for a full bottle, It just wasn't as effortless as my usual micellar waters.

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie grab and go ponytail holder L.Erickson
This months Beauty bonus was the much anticipated Grab and go ponytail holder by L.Erickson. Again this is not a brand I'm familiar with and I don't know if its just the one of these that retail at £11.50? seems quite steep, however I'm not sure what it is about this scrunchy but I love it! I use it all the time whether its just a quick fix to get my hair out of my face at home or whether its to get a rouched up volumised high ponytail. I am very impressed by this and it leaves no kinks, knots in your hair. Addicted!

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie balm desert bronzer

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie balm desert bronzer
When I first received a balm sample in these tiny book style packets I was overwhelmed with cuteness and was fully on board with its adorable design, however I have to admit this time round with the balm desert bronzer I'm a little tired of it as its not exactly practical and as a result I have not yet used this. The formulation and shade of the bronzer does look flawless however I cant fathom how you are supposed to use this on a grand scale? I can imagine I would love this product and with the balms retro aesthetic its possibly a dupe for hoola by benefit and its cheaper at £15... watch this space?

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie Lord & Berry blush in lotus

Birchbox August #beautyjunkie lord & berry blush in lotus
Similar problem with this sample also... not so much that the sample is teeny tiny but its a bit of a faff to get it out of the packaging and to use this and 90% of the time when I'm putting my make up on I am in a rush and just don't have the time! So again, I've not used this Lord & Berry blush in Lotus which is weird because it was the one item I was the most excited for! The colour is gorgeous, its a lovely sort of dusky pink shade and the actual monochrome packaging I really love, however I'm sorry, I just haven't used this yet!

Also included were some cute emoji stickers which I have given away as I knew I wouldn't use them... again they aren't really my thing! lovely gesture though.

What did you think of Augusts Birchbox?
Spoiler alert, I received Septembers birch box this week and it is jam packed of amazing goodies so stay tuned for that coming soon!!

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