New favourite candle for Autumn/Fall

DW Home Inc Molasses + Tobacco candle

DW Home Inc Molasses + Tobacco candle
I am definitely one of those people who have a candle burning at all times in my house and although a lot of people find candles to be overbearing and headache inducing, I think the stronger the better!

I'm always on the hunt for unusual scents and with the launch of Autumn hitting us with a bang I have been hunt for a new comforting candle. I love spicy scents and sweet cookie scents for the colder months but generally find they get me in the Christmas mood way too early and trust me, I do not need encouraging!
I noticed this black glass tobacco and molasses candle from DW home inc and I have been dying to try a tobacco candle in a really long time but find most of them to be a bit more cheap cigarette where I'm definitely after a sophisticated smoky aroma which is reminiscent of some sort of posh mahogany study... If that makes any sense(?!)

This hits the nail on the head! If you follow me on instagram you will have already seen me rave about it. It has a sweet lingering cigar like smell which sounds like what you wouldn't want your house to smell like but it really is comforting and warming and I am all over it!

I found this at Home Sense and it cost £7.99 and it has lasted me ages, the quality is outstanding and it has a real luxury finish with a wooden wick.

This would be a wonderful gift for someone eccentric who appreciates bizarre home aromas but is definitely a marmite item... I have had guests over who do not approve but I couldn't care less, it is wonderful.

What candles do you recommend?


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