Real Techniques sculpting set (collectors edition)

real techniques sculpting set collectors edition contouring highlight powder

real techniques sculpting set collectors edition sculpting brush contour
sculpting brush
real techniques sculpting set collectors edition setting brush contour highlight
setting brush
real techniques sculpting set collectors edition fan brush powder
fan brush

I am a huge fan of the real techniques make up brushes, who isn't? Great quality brushes at affordable prices as well as looking a treat on your vanity. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Real techniques Sculpting set collectors edition set that are exclusive to Superdrug and unfortunately had to wait until the fuss died down as these were out of stock instore locally and online! I eventually found them when on holiday in Paignton and got rather giddy when I caught a glimpse of the shiny pink beauties and ran to the cash desk (via Maybelline..)

These cost me £20.99 but are currently on offer for the bargain price of £13.99 so if you are yet to try these, get to superdrug asap and bag the bargain of a lifetime here.

As you can see by the above images I couldn't wait to try them hence they are not all pristine and white... (sorry guys) I can say that overall I am impressed with the real techniques sculpting set collectors edition kit. Ultimately the Fan brush was what I was the most excited about as I had never tried one before and had always wanted one and it does not disappoint. I love applying highlighter with this fan brush, it touches the tops of my cheekbones and dusts them to perfection, distributing just the right amount of glow. An absolute essential now to my daily routine. Something about It feels so dainty so the real test will be how well this one comes out after a deep clean.

I cannot say that I am a contour addict but I do love to add warmth to the face on a night out and was pretty excited to give this sculpting brush a whirl. When I first tried the sculpting brush I wasn't fussed as it didn't give the precision that I required but I persisted and after a few attempts i think this is a great brush to add a bit of bronze to the temples and when gone in with a light hand, can give a decent enough contour below the cheekbones and jawline. I would avoid using this to contour any detailed areas like the nose as it is a lot more hefty than it looks! I even considered using this as a foundation brush.

I was hoping the setting brush would be like an extra large mac 217 and being the rebel that I am, I did want to use this for blending eye shadows so I was a little disappointed to see that this was a bit too big to successfully blend eyeshadow. This does work really well for setting under eye concealer and is not too shabby at achieving more precision contouring however it is very similar to the contour brush from the real techniques core collection which I also own and don't really find myself reaching for this brush.

What is your favourite collection of Real techniques brushes? are you more of a high end brush fan?

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