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weekend purchases body shop lush too faced loreal essie stila
So May is proving to be a super busy month for me in every aspect! I have plans every weekend and lots of other boring life stuff but as my car (Joanna) passed her MOT this week I decided to celebrate and spend the money I was expecting to pay for repairs on treats. More make up... Because I need more, don't I?

So I started at Lush as my bath bomb basket (more on that here
 )is looking a bit sparse. I got Sakura (top left) which is pretty and floral scented and I have not tried this one yet. I picked up an avobath (top middle) which is my favourite bath bomb. Its so citrusy and fresh! Lastly I thought its about time I tried a think pink (top right) which is adorable with little confetti flowers. I'm now looking forward to bath time again!

I then had a rummage in TK maxx as I love finding a beauty gem in their. I was tempted by loads of illamasqua bargains and if your an illamasqua fan, check out TK maxx right now as their seems to be a load of stuff currently. I settled on this stila eyeshadow crayon in pink violet and this is a gorgeous glittery purple. This makes a great base/primer for other shadows and I'm excited to try out new looks for summer. I also picked up the too faced color bomb moisture plumping lip tint in bigger berry which I'm not going to discuss in too much detail but I will say it is going to be in a disappointing products blog coming soon...

after hearing loads about the new vitamin C range in
The body shop I couldn't resist picking up just the one item and I went for this vitamin C microdermabrasion scrub and it is absolutely wicked. The scrub particles are so small and when I tried this on the back of my hand I instantly fell in love with it. Ive since tried it on my face and it didn't disappoint. I cannot wait to try more from this line.

Last but not least I headed into Boots as L'Oreal had a 3 for 2 on and I've been lusting over the la palette nude for ages! I picked it up in rose and I love all the gorgeous pink shades. I'm yet to give this a proper whirl but I know I'm going to get loads of use out of this and the sleek packaging is so expensive looking. I needed a new super liner which I've raved about a million other times and is the best liquid eyeliner ever in my opinion, nothing comes close to this. I have a thing for nearly white nails right now so for my third buy I got this nail varnish in shade nouvelle vogue which is a light lilac. again, the packaging is on point and I'm going to be painting my nails this shade next.

I also got the legendary Essie in Fuji which is a cult classic and I wore this all weekend, I love it. It a super light pink and is very eye catching. I finished off with yet another collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade 1 fair. I'm hoping to use this to highlight.

What are you currently raving about?

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