Birch Box - Happy Birchday!!

Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!!
Its Birchbox time again and after feeling a little lacklustre about the last box I have been completely won over again by Birchbox this month... they have really pulled it out of the bag (or box).

As you know Birchbox is a beauty box subscription service that enables you to sample loads of amazing beauty brands and cult beauty products at a fraction of the price - a must for beauty lovers. I've been collecting these now since December 14 and although some boxes have left me a bit underwhelmed it makes it all worth it when you get an absolute blinder like this months.

Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!!

Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!!

Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!!

Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!!
This month, Birch box are celebrating their 'Birchday' hence the theme of this months box and all of the products are almost little spokesmen for all the hot spots of the USA and just peeking through the packaging I can tell you I was super excited to see what looked like a tangle teaser and yet another benefit product. Hooray!
Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! Paula's choice skin perfecting 2% BHA liquid
First off we have the Paula's Choice Skin perfecting 2% BHA Liquid salicylic acid exfoliant hailing from Seattle. I wasn't initially excited for this having never heard of the brand 'Paula's Choice' and I've always opted for physical facial scrubs over Liquid ones. This quickly became my favourite product this month by a long shot! This stuff is amazing. I applied this after cleansing with cotton pads in gentle sweeping motions across my skin and saw instant results. Usually after I cleanse I'm happy to accept that all the grime was gone from my skin but after being a convert to this I really see how much is left over after even a thorough cleanse. This retails at £23.50 but I can safely say if I can't find a cheaper contender, I will be buying this again!
Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! John Masters organics citrus & neroli detangler
Hailing from NYC we have John masters organics citrus & Neroli detangler and I was intrigued by this as I like the understated packaging and the ingredients sound delicious. I can't say that this was a life changing product but it wasn't bad, however the smell this leaves in your hair is so beautiful. Its fruity but sophisticated at the same time and is incredibly moreish. I don't think I would spend £16 on this but I will really enjoy using this little bottle up.
Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! Beauty protector beauty wash
I have heard of beauty protector before as I've received the beauty protector detangling spray for hair a couple of times before and it was pretty average in my opinion however this beauty wash has the same scent which I feel is likely to divide a crowd! I loved it when I first used the detangler spray however it is so sweet and sickly I now find it incredibly irritating so I'm yet to try this as I just don't think I could hack having that sweet scent lingering all day... Its just not for me.
Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! Laqa & Co Cheeky lip pencil in Cray Cray
Straight out of Brooklyn comes this Laqa & co cheeky lip pencil in the colour Cray Cray. I love the inventive name, so fun and actually quite clever and I was amazed by how much of a decent size this pencil is. I haven't used this yet as with the turn of the seasons I have been sporting vampy lips most days and I find corals to be very summery however I have swatched this on my hand and the quality seems very good. Sheer colour pay off but a nice balmy feel.
Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! Benefit the porefessional license to blot instant oil blotting stick

Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! Benefit the porefessional license to blot
I am always excited to try a Benefit sample and Birchbox have been very generous this year with the benefit samples. The Pore fessional license to blot instant oil blotting stick Is quite an unusual one as its almost like a chap stick style balm stick that you use on your skin to blot and reduce shine. The consistency is quite silicone which I'm not always a huge lover of and it took me a while to get into this however it is perfect for popping in your bag in place of a powder to blot during the day so long as you can resist the odd looks from people who think your putting lip balm on your face. I always have powder casualties in the bottom of my bag so I love having this however I don't think ill replace it at £15.50 but if you are a religious powder user, you should check this out.
Birch Box September - Happy Birchday!! Birchbrush
Last but not least as a birchbox beauty bonus is this Birchbrush which looks just like a tangle teaser. I have never actually used a tangle teaser believe it or not so I cannot say if this is a good dupe or not but I do enjoy using this and it makes a great handbag brush and what a great colour? Birchbox, this month has been a blast!

Did you get this months birchbox? what are your thoughts?

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