Birchbox July - Make a splash!

Birch Box July - Make a Splash! Balance Me Benefit jelly pong pong
Birch Box July - Make a Splash! benefit Jelly pong pong Balance ME
Apologies, It is half way through august and I'm only just reviewing July's Birch box but my box got lost in the post again. It has to be said that Birch box customer service team really are ace as they have now changed the delivery method for my Boxes to prevent any more mishaps so I really couldn't recommend them enough - they are SO friendly.
This Months 'Box' is clearly, not a box, It's an Ibiza bag. I have heard mixed reviews on this idea but I love it as I was looking for a new 'emergency' bag to put in my handbag and this is perfect. It has to be said though, with the right outfit this could make a fab night out clutch...
Birch Box July - Make a Splash! pink bag
overall I really get a beachy, poolside vibe to July's birch box. The bag could be perfect for your poolside essentials and the products inside are perfect for a gorgeous sunny day!
I have to point out at this stage that the Pura Vida Lace headband has been a permanent fixture in my cleansing routine to pull back all of my hair and as a result this was in my bathroom and I completely forgot to get a pic of this so you will have to use your imagination... Basically, its a cornflower blue lace elastic Alice band and is pretty low maintenance. Its come in handy.
Birch Box July - Make a Splash! Benefit SPF
I got excited when I saw a benefit product as I am always happy to sample some benefit! I cant say I was too excited to discover it was Dream Screen SPF 45 sunscreen for face and the reason for that is I live in England and we really haven't had an amazing summer. The SPF in my foundation has been more than sufficient at protecting my face so I just haven't really had the chance to use this yet. I am hopefully planning a trip somewhere hot later on in the year so ill probably use this then.

Birch Box July - Make a Splash! Balance me congested skin serum
Balance me Congested Skin Serum on the other hand has been a godsend this month. I haven't quite put my finger on the reason why yet but I have had some pretty bad breakouts this month and this Serum is amazing! its like a concentrated gel that you place directly onto a blemish and overnight you see results! The smell is very overwhelming so if you don't like scented things on your face you wont like this, but I got over that although I did find it annoying at first.
Birch Box July - Make a Splash! UNANI body treatment aloe vera
This aloe Vera gel body treatment by Unani is again a little bit disappointing for me at the moment as although I'm sure this is great to apply after sunbathing, I haven't seen enough sun to warrant sun bathing! I will find a use for this as I am generally a fan of Aloe Vera and have used a lot of the forever living aloe Vera line but as of yet it hasn't had a chance to shine. A bit like the sun in England.
Birch Box July - Make a Splash! pop beauty
I don't think I have heard of Pop Beauty before so really didn't know what to expect with the eyeshadow trio in peach parfait but I did find the colours instantly appealing, I usually opt for colours like these as I find they contrast with blue eyes and make your eyes really pop. I did think the packaging was a bit basic and cheap looking and these retail at £15.50 so that put me off a bit. After applying these, I am in love! these eye shadows are so pigmented and buttery! they are easy to apply and blend and are super shimmery without being overly disco ball. I am really keen now to discover more from this brand, I can imagine if they do larger pallets they would be to die for!
Birch Box July - Make a Splash! jelly pong pong glow getter
I am always happy to receive more highlight, especially with the 'strobing' trend which is huge right now. Liquid formulations are great as you can also add just a touch to your foundation to create a sun kissed from within glow. This bronzy luminizer from Jelly pong pong in shade glow getter is a perfect combo to go with the beautiful shadows from beauty pop and is perfect on cheekbones. I love the packaging, however I probably will get this confused with a nail polish...
Overall I was impressed with July's box but I am sure I would have loved this a lot more if the weather was a scorcher! one can dream.

Did you get July's box/bag? which colour bag did you get? have you tried the sunscreen yet? what were your thoughts?

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