The Bomb cosmetics Rhubarb & Custard blaster review


I recently spent a weekend in Center Parcs with family where i stumbled upon a shop that sold 'Bomb Cosmetics' products. I had heard of 'Bomb cosmetics' once or twice before so took the opportunity to give one of their Bath blasters a try!

After spending a while deliberating which one to try out of loads of different delicious sounding scents, i opted for the old school combo of Rhubarb and custard.

The Bath blasters are essentially bath bombs and come wrapped in a plastic packet which I felt was a little unnecessary and cheap looking. As a fan of the Lush bath bombs which just come in a paper bag i must admit this was one thing that let these bath bombs down. It also took me a while to get into the plastic to get the bomb out.


Once the bath blaster was plonked into my bath, it was really quite glorious to watch. These bath bombs really fizz up super fast and fill the water with a gorgeous bright orange colour. The scent was really nostalgic and had my mouth watering. Although it wasnt as strong in fragrance as the Lush bath bombs, it was a welcome and subtle aroma which would be perfect if you find the Lush bath bombs too overwhelming.

My bathtime experience using the rhubarb and custard bath blaster was both soothing and indulgent so i will definatly be looking into buying more from Bomb cosmetics. Having looked at their website they have a massive array of bath treats, candles and skincare products and lovely gift sets all of which sound and look incredibly tempting.

If you want to find out more about the company which do not believe in animal testing and make their products by hand, Check out their website.

Have you ever stumbled upon this charming companies products?

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