My new make-up storage

I've been keeping my make up stored in a plastic container from Ikea for a while now and as my make-up collection inevitabley grows (and shows no sign of shrinking apparently) I've been faced with the reality that i needed to get something more substantial...

A lot of bloggers opt for the sleek, clear storage drawers from Muji, which i must admit do look fantastic. Another popular option is the Ikea 'Alex' drawers which are also perfect. I had considered both of these, but always thriving to be different i hoped i would discover something a little more special.

When i discovered this in a second hand store, i immediately fell in love! Its so pretty and vintage looking and the drawers are the perfect size to fit make-up, leaving plenty of room for future purchases. This was only £40 and the man at the store said it had literally been bought in half an hour ago so I knew it was meant to be.

When i got it home i decided to place these adorable blue and white china pieces on top which are also second hand. I plan to get some sort of dividers or tubs for better organisation inside each drawer and then i will be completely satisfied with my makeup storage.

How do you store your make up?

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