Birchbox opening and review

Birchbox opening and review sophia webster edition jewels
One of my favourite gifts this Christmas was a birchbox from my Sister. I've admired all kinds of beauty boxes and as there are so many out there I simply just didn't know which one to pick! The idea being that you subscribe to the box and receive one every month filled with a selection of sample size and some full-sized luxury beauty treats. Most also offer one off boxes and most you can tailor to your preference when you sign up. Prices differ, but if you wanted to browse Birchbox site and look at what they offer, click here.
I was delighted when I received this and was instantly impressed with the sturdy box and beautiful jewel design. This particular box is the Sophia Webster edition and include a voucher for 20% off online as well as a funky coin purse designed by Sophia Webster.

So Lets open this bad boy up, shall we?

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

As you can see, in this birchbox you receive 7 items which include 2 full-sized items and the limited edition coin purse from Sophia Webster. Also included is a detailed info sheet on what is included...

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition

I have given most of these a bit of a try out so here's a bit more detail on what was in the box and my first impressions having used the products mentioned.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition models own polish in amethyst

Models Own Nail polish in Amethyst (Full size) Value - £5

This Polish was one of the full sized items and colours varied in each box. I got the shade 'Amethyst' which is a gorgeous jewel toned purple studded with glitter and dries to an attractive matte finish which is quite unique. I love this shade and will wear It to a gig or when I'm sporting more of a rock chick look.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition Elemental herbology facial glow radiance peel

Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance peel. Value of full sized bottle £40

If I'm honest, I'm not all that clued up with what products are winners when it comes to skincare so for that reason I tried this product with a completely open mind, not knowing what to expect at all. It lists a lot of fruit in its description and definitely smells fruity which is a plus. On application it almost feels like a scrub, but a really gentle one. I massaged this in and then left for 4 minutes as per the instructions and then wiped away with a damp muslin cloth. It left my skin feeling rejuvenated but I only really noticed how smooth my skin felt later on in the day and it really felt soft and youthful which I thought was wonderful! I don't know if I would purchase the full sized bottle as it is up there in price but I will keep using this and if I notice a big visual difference over time I will definitely consider it.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition Eyeko fat stick

Eyeko Fat stick in 'smoke' (full size) Value £8

I've used eyeko liquid liners before but this fat stick is a new one to me. The colour is more of a charcoal colour although for some reason its come up quite blue looking on the photo above. I usually opt for skinny pencil liners that I can use in my waterline but I have really enjoyed using this on my lower lash line and blending with a brush to achieve a smokey rock chick look. It has good staying power too and its a great price at £8. I would definitely be interested in trying out different shades in this as it would be a great way to introduce colour into my make-up regime.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition purse

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition purse

Sophia Webster Purse. Value £25

This purse is quite small but is perfectly shaped to fit in all your cards or would make a great coin purse or even just a little purse to store all your little essentials in. It would be great to take out on a night out to store your money or make-up in inside a clutch bag. The first thing that really came across to me with this purse is that the quality is outstanding. its very sturdy and a lot of attention has gone into the detail of making this purse. The pattern is also very wacky and I think its just fab. I don't think I would purchase anything like this as £25 seems way to extortionate for me to pay for such a small purse but I will be taking my money off voucher to look at what bigger purses they have on the site.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition Electric hair electric hydrate shampoo

Electric Hair Electric hydrate shampoo Value of full sized bottle £17.50

Electric hair isn't a brand I have ever heard of before but I'm always on the hunt for the perfect shampoo that lathers up a treat, smells great, leaves no build up and removes grease effectively enough so I do not have to wash my hair every other day. I don't think I'm asking for much yet I'm still searching! This shampoo wasn't bad it was just average. It smelled lovely and reminded me of a salon which I like in a shampoo but it didn't lather up as much as I would like and my hair did get greasy on the second day. I will use this as a travel shampoo as the sample size is perfect for travel and I will use it up as it's not bad at all I just wouldn't buy a full sized bottle.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition English Laundry signature for her

English Laundry Signature for her Value of full size £60

First things first, I love that this sample comes in a mini spray bottle! It makes it perfect for the handbag which is what I will be using this for. The scent itself isn't what I would normally pick as I usually go for sweet scents and this is definitely more floral but it has definitely got something about it which I love! its quite subtle and sophisticated and although I don't usually buy perfume (it goes on my birthday and Christmas lists) I would be more than happy receiving this.

Birchbox opening and review Sophia Webster edition Benefit Christmas Cracker/Highbeam

Benefit Christmas Cracker/High beam Value of full size £19.50

This is what I was most excited to try! I have wanted to try benefit high beam for a really long time but the price has been too much of a gamble for me. I loved that this came in an adorable paper cracker and when I discovered this inside I was like a kid in a candy shop! After trying this, I can safely say that I am 100% in love with this. It is the best highlighter I have ever tried and just melts on the skin in such a flawless manner leaving the most heavenly iridescent glow. once I use this up I will buy the full sized bottle without a shadow of doubt.

So after receiving this I can safely say that I am on board with beauty boxes. I have got to try things I've lusted over for ages as well as sample products I wouldn't have tried otherwise and loved! I'm sure their will be months that wont be quite as exciting but its worth it for the full sized items that you get alone.

What are your thoughts on beauty boxes? Have you tried a different subscription that you can recommend?


  1. Woww,how beautiful is this post! :-)
    I am in love with this nailpolish, I want it! Love this post,thanks for sharing..your blog too.


  2. Thank you so much! That really put a mile on my face :) The nail varnish is beautiful. Such a bargain too.

    Thank you