Music that makes you MOVE - fitness playlist suggestions.

music that makes you move fitness playlist suggestions

So, It's 2015 and I bet a whole bunch of you made the Resolution that makes so many of us wince - to exercise more/lose weight etc etc...

Well I actually didn't make this resolution but I have been working on losing weight for quite a few months now which I endeavour to continue and I guess there's no better time to start introducing more exercise into my routine, right?

Let me give you an overview on my general stamina. Of course at school I was never any ones popular choice to pick on their team and I remember being 'it' playing tag for several days because I was such a slow runner. My P.E teacher even signed in my leaving book 'I don't think you and P.E were cut out for each other'. I have vivid disturbing memories of family bike rides where everyone soared past while some poor sucker was left nursing me half an hour behind, crying because I couldn't make it up the hill. These, sadly and embarrassingly are all true stories and unfortunately I never had that gigantic life breakthrough of determination to prove to everyone that 'I can' I simply just looked for activities that I enjoyed that maybe weren't as black and white as cycling and running, such as walking at a moderate pace and dancing.

Which brings me to today. I walk my dog Zee 1-3 times a day and I guess when I'm feeling up for it ill bust out some grooves on Just Dance. I am not a skilled dancer... I dance how you imagine the love child of a librarian and your cringey uncle would dance although I feel like Nicki Minaj. Weird combo...
Anyway, It's time I tried to do a little more so I've made a play list to 'jog' to and I thought id share it with you for inspiration! It's not strictly beauty related but I guess being fit and healthy are the stepping stones to real beauty...

I've got a real mix in here (mostly corny)... I have some pumping dance tunes as well as some power rock anthems ranging from 4 decades and some songs that just have inspirational lyrics. I have a range of tempo's which I figured would be good to warm up with as well as some more catchy tunes that you could always have a mid jog dance too...why not?! So here it is...

M.I.A - Paper planes
David Guetta - Just one last time
The Killers - All these things that I've done
Robin Schulz & Lillywood - Prayer In C
My Vitriol - Always your way
Taylor Swift - Shake it off
Run DMC - It's Tricky
Indiana - Solo Dancing
Amerie - 1 thing
Rancid - Blood clot
Christina Aguillera - Fighter
Disclosure - Latch
Salt n Pepa - Push it
Europe - Rock the night
Hadouken! - Turn the lights out
Little Comets - Joanna
Zedd - Stay the night
Anamanaguchi - Prom Night
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Thrift shop
H "Two" o - What's it gonna be

There you have it! 20 tracks that usually make me feel energetic. There's quite a wide range of genre's going so I appreciate that not all of these songs will float your boat but I'd like to think there's something for everyone there.

What songs always make you want to jump around? Are you trying to be more health conscious in 2015?

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