The Liebster award

liebster award

The liebster award is a lovely fun tag that's been circulating around the blog world and little old me has now been nominated! I am so excited to do this and I am so overwhelmed by being nominated by the lovely meganbug. If you haven't already checked out Megan's blog you definitely should, I'm not just saying that because she nominated me her blog is really fantastic.

So here are the questions I have been asked... hope you enjoy!

What got you into blogging to begin with?
I first got into blogging after being a huge fan of all of the usual beauty guru's on youtube and becoming increasingly enthusiastic about spending all of my money on make up! I think I needed a project to keep me busy in the evenings too. Its been so much fun so far!
 What is your favourite outfit to wear?
I'm currently really getting into roll-neck jumpers and long dainty chains. I've also been wearing a lot of tartan throughout winter but im edging toward more pastel coloured pieces teamed with fierce chunky ugly shoes for spring and I cant wait for the weather to heat up so I can ditch the 'clothes for comfort'
 Ideal date night?
As much as I love a night out at a good quality restaurant, I have a bit of a weakness for a night in with a film and a bottle of wine. Food would be steak with potato dauphinoise and ben and jerrys ice cream.
 Main inspirations for coming up with blog posts?This may sound materialistic but I find the best thing for writers block is to go and have a boots haul! whenever I buy new products I get all kinds of inspiration, even if it doesn't involve any of the items i've bought.
 What is your favourite type of blog post to a) read and b) write?I love to read about possible dupes, hair tutorials and brand focus blogs. I also love to read about products ive never thought of trying and I'm a complete magpie when it comes to fantastic photography. I like to write my 'tip of the week' blogs and I love to compare 2 different products.
 Any other hobbies outside of blogging?I really enjoy singing and dancing but I don't tend to do these professionally or anything... just on a night out or my living room. ha. I also tend to go fishing a lot although its not something I overly enjoy, I just go to keep my boyfriend company.
 A fact people might not know about you?I can balance three spoons on my face.
 Favourite stores to shop in?I'm a sucker for a bargain so obviously primark and boots for cosmetics. I also love tiger and home sense and most of my clothes are actually from H&M and Dorothy
perkins because I worked at both a while back.
 Favourite food?I love olives and houmous and cheese so in my opinion you cannot beat a buffet. Anyone in my family will also tell you that I literally eat beetroot by the jarful. I'm not overly fussy but I hate bananas, cucumber and mustard and I don't eat bread.
 Favourite band?I grew up adoring Green Day but I don't listen to them as much anymore. I would have to say my all time favourite band is Incubus.
 Describe your blog with a sentence.A beauty blog which is brutally honest, sometimes quirky and am very excited to explore more with its content.

So I am going to tag a few blogs that I have really enjoy reading which are ; ,dimpledbrunette , Paige Jasmine ,Blah Blah Blah ,Eva's Studio ,Planet Alisha
If you would like to do this but haven't been tagged, that's also fine - anything goes! Just let me know when your done so I can check it out :)

Here are the questions I am asking.

What is your favourite thing about blogging? Who is your role model? What one product would you take with you on a desert island and why? What is your favourite sweet/candy? Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Tea or Coffee? Do you have any phobias or fears? Which has been your most successful blog to date? What is the most expensive item of clothing you own? What would be your dream holiday? Do you have any unusual talents?
Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy...  


  1. ahhhh so glad you did it haha! Love love love it, I'm completely impressed by the spoon balancing fact! ;D You're just so talented! xx

    1. Glad I did it too, i had a lot of fun! Thanks again for nominating me :) Haha yes its my party trick


  2. Thanks for the nomination, I've already done it though:( I can't even balance one spoon haha xx

    Eva ||

    1. No Problem!! I think everyone I've nominated has done it already but never mind! Its nice that so many people have had the opportunity. Its a lot easier than it sounds... xx