Tip of the week : How to wash your hair less

Tip of the week : how to wash your hair less herbal essences co lab ruth crilley
It's a slightly embarrassing fact that I have had to learn to live with that I have a very oily scalp! As a result of this I get very greasy roots very quick. I used to wash my hair every day to keep my hair fresh but I would find that over washing your hair is not beneficial if you suffer from greasy roots and can make it worse. Some days I was washing my hair in the morning and by the afternoon it had gone flat and lacklustre. My low point came just over a year ago because as I was dipping my head underwater so much, I actually got a pretty nasty ear infection due to water getting trapped in my ears. (TMI)

So over a year ago I decided enough was enough and took to reducing the amount I wash my hair to every other day. I struggled at first and took to wearing my hair up on the second day, and I used a lot of dry shampoo. I loved the 'No Drought' dry shampoo from Lush which I reviewed here and I still do this day love that as the powder formula really absorbs grease and it leaves my hair looking extra white which I love as I am very blond. I wondered if I could take it to a whole new level though, and did some research...

I learnt that chemicals in shampoo and conditioner can be too harsh on the scalp and can leave the PH levels unbalanced which can then cause your scalp to produce even more of the natural sebum which then makes your hair greasier. Washing your hair less is much better for your hair as long as your still washing between 1-3 times a week.

Also choosing the right shampoo is vital! I've always opted for shampoos aimed at fine hair as they are formulated to leave you with less build up. Build up as you may imagine can also make your hair greasier. Shampoos that remove build up or neutralise the hairs PH levels are also good but can be quite drying so its best to use these once a week maximum.

The ingredients listed in shampoo and conditioner are also something to pay attention too and if you can find shampoos with lemon, chamomile, rosemary, tea tree oil and aloe Vera.

Another thing too look out for is any nasty chemicals, natural shampoos are the best way to go but finding ones can be difficult. I've recently been using Herbal Essences Clearly naked shampoo and conditioner which do not have silicone's, parabens and colourants and I've really noticed a huge difference! I now wash my hair just 2-3 times a week.

how to wash your hair less herbal essences clearly naked shampoo
Another great thing to use which I've mentioned already is Dry shampoo, but it can be really difficult to fond one which doesn't weigh the hair down or leave a powdery residue. I've been really enjoying using the Co-Lab ones recently as not only do they all have very unique scents but used very sparingly they remove grease without feeling claggy.
how to wash your hair less Co Lab by Ruth Crilley a model recommends dry shampoo
Other things to consider if you have greasy hair are as below:
  • Don't shy away from brushing your hair as it allows excess sebum to be evenly distributed. Although my scalp is oily, the ends of my hair are dry so this actually helps prolong washing. Just don't overdo it. 2-3 times a day is enough.
  • Hair brushes should be washed the same time as you wash your hair.
  • If you have to condition your hair due to dry ends, only put conditioner on the mid lengths to ends. The hair at the roots is the newest and is therefore in better condition and doesn't need conditioner.
  • Go easy on the products! I only use a heat protectant spray and save any other product for nights out/particular styles. Product weighs down hair and adds build up.
  • don't play with your hair. Every time you touch your hair you are transferring oil from your hands to your hair. When styling hair, ensure your hands are clean.
  • Ensure you visit your hairdresser regularly to ensure your hair is in tip top condition and also if you get your hair coloured, you want to keep your roots at bay as much as possible as darker roots can create the illusion of greasy roots.
  • rinse your hair with clean, cold water after washing. Especially if you have a bath rather than a shower.
  • Be wary of the temperature on your hair dryer as heat is another thing that can aggravate the P.H of your scalp.
  • Some styles actually benefit from unclean hair so don't just scrape your hair up when you haven't washed your hair as this can be very unflattering and has the opposite effect. Try crown braids with some dry shampoo!
  • straight hair will give away greasy hair a lot sooner than curly hair so don't be afraid of adding texture to your hair.
  • as always, a healthy diet and lifestyle will solve most problems so make sure you drink enough water and eat well.

    Do you suffer with a greasy scalp? what do you find works for you?

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