My strobing Kit

My strobing Kit benefit dandelion chanel vit lumiere aqua maybelline master sculpt

My strobing Kit

My strobing Kit
You are probably all aware of the Huge trend that is strobing right now which is basically the opposite of contouring - highlighter, highlighter and more highlighter applied in the right areas of your face of course. I am so on board with this and have made no secret that I am a highlighter junkie (remember my autumn highlight combo blog? )  I have put together a little kit which I think is perfect for achieving this look.

I start by adding a small blob of The Body Shops Radiant highlighter to Rimmels Lasting finish primer and mix before applying to my entire face. Rimmels Lasting finish primer is so cheap and although it doesn't state anywhere on the packaging that it is luminous it really is pretty shiny! use with caution because if used too generously you will look like a cast member for Twilight! I love the consistency of this primer as it isn't a silicone based primer and is more like a thick cream in consistency so doesn't slip around and the highlighter is very sheer which I think is fantastic.

Now the base is done a good lightweight, medium coverage foundation is needed. I am in love with Chanels vitalumiere aqua right now but you could use a more dewy foundation if you wanted like Rimmels wake me up foundation, However, I was already satisfied with the glow payoff I had achieved with the primer and highlighter already.

Now onto the sculpting of the face! I used collections lasting perfection concealer in shade 01 light which is lighter than my actual skin tone and very brightening. Where you apply this concealer is vital, I applied in a triangle under my eyes, did a stripe down the centre of my nose, a fan shape just above the centre of my eyebrows and on my cupids bow and blend as this is where I find natural light hits the face.
Maybellines Master sculpt bronze and highlight is fast becoming a hit in the beauty world mainly for the highlighter which is incredibly fine milled and radiant. I applied this to the top of my cheekbones, round to the temple and just above the brow in a 'C' shape. To do this I find a fan brush really helps to get an even application and fluid motion and I love this one from real techniques. I also dabbed a small amount of highlight on my cupids bow and on the tip of my nose. I did use a small amount of bronze from this kit just to prevent me looking like a ghost which is technically cheating slightly but this one is just the right shade so doesn't leave you looking overly contoured or muddy.
Lastly I like to finish this of with a flattering light pink shade blush and Dandelion from Benefit is perfect for this! its like a no blush blush and is so natural and subtle but just adds a lovely definition to your cheeks.

I then continue with whatever I like on my eyes and lips, but to take this to the next level you could add a pretty frosty shade to the inner corners of your eyes and on the arch of your brow. I find it is best to let your skin do the talking so keep the rest of my make up to a minimum.
Are you loving or hating strobing? I know it is not for everyone and some people are happier contouring, but any excuse for me to look like a disco ball and I'm on it! what products would you recommend I try? 

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