Disappointing products - Strike 2!!

Disappointing products - Strike 2!! collection benefit maybelline real techniques loreal tresemme
So if you read my last blog you will know I have been super busy lately so I'm sorry if you have missed me but I always come back! I thought it was high time I did another disappointing products blog and if you want to see my first blog on all that's wrong with the beauty world (in my opinion) check it out here .

Now as a disclaimer, I am not saying you shouldn't try these products for yourself if you really want to,
I have since given the 17 mascara pictured above and featured in my previous disappointing products (oops) to a friend who loves it. Everyone is different and just because I don't like something doesn't mean you wont, it just means if you think you have similar requirements from a product than me you probably wont like it either, but don't let me stop you!

Also, I am not hating on any brands in particular, that's not what I'm about. I just didn't get on with these items and keep reading to find out why.

Disappointing products - Strike 2!! collection eyes uncovered nude palette
This might shock a lot of people as I have not seen a negative word said about the eyes uncovered nude palette from collection, but I was just left a little underwhelmed with this. Its not bad and its unbelievably cheap at £2.99(or at least it was at the time) the problem I have had with this is that it was so highly raved about I was expecting it to be on par with the urban decay naked palettes. I found it difficult to get a defined sculpted look with these shades as the colours seem to amalgamate into one muddy shade all over my lid. I have tried it over and over and wondered if it was something I was doing wrong but I just cant get this to work!
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! benefit push up liner
Granted this is just a sample but it was enough to make me realise how grateful I am to have not invested the best part of £20 on this. Benefits they're real! push up liner was not my cup of tea. Again this is a highly raved about product but at least with the collection palette I can use it somehow, this is in my opinion, useless. I wrote a whole blog on this here so I'm going to leave it at that. I do love some benefit products, the dandelion blush and roller lash are awesome but this was just a gimmick.
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! no 7
For some reason No.7 don't get a lot of shout outs on blogs and vlogs and I don't know why because the brand is great quality and I have had some fantastic products in particular their eye shadows. The pop & glow cream blusher however wasn't one of them for me. I have fairly combo skin and this just didn't seem to sit well or blend on the skin and after faffing about getting it to look half decent I found this sunk into fine lines and enlarged pores in the most horrifically unflattering way. the stick also broke so falls out whenever I use it. A miss from me..
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! too faced color bomb!
A recent purchase of mine was this Color Bomb tinted lip balm by too faced. I am not sure on the colour but it is 100% the sensation that this gives that I cannot stand. I love a tingly lip balm like carmex for example, this however literally feels like you have rubbed acid on your lips. It is not a nice sensation at all and ten minutes after application I had to grab some cleanser and get every scrap of this off. It is highly irritating! You might like this sort of overly tingly lip balm but I cannot understand why!
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! Loreal paris brow artist plumper
Another shocker, Loreal Paris Brow Artist Plumper has had nothing but high praise and I actually picked this up before reading any of the fantastic reviews on this and since reading everyone of them I am wondering if were all talking about the same product! This stuff is shimmery. It is a brow gel with shimmer in it. No one seems to have noticed the flex of shimmer in it, except me. Why would anyone want shimmery eyebrows? I can't...
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! MUA matte lipstick
I realise this picture is absolutely pointless as you cant see what it is but this is the MUA Matte effect lipsticks. I love the normal MUA lipsticks. Everything about them rocks, the colour selection, the formula, the price (£1), the pigment, the smell, the extra hidden pot at the bottom of the tube... So I was excited when I saw the 'Matte' effect lipsticks. I have obviously picked the wrong colour which is no ones fault but my own as this lilac shade makes you look dead. If anyone can pull of this shade? congratulations! However, I hated the formulation of these too. They went on chalky and not even particularly matte and lacked pigment. Its a shame, but also the gamble you take when buying a lipstick for £1.
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! real techniques bold metals
This however was not cheap (around £15) and I wish I hadn't bothered and instead picked up another trusty mac 217. The Real Techniques 'bold metals' crease brush '201' was one of the cheaper of the range and I thought id start with this one and see how I got on. I wish I had tried one of the face brushes which I have heard amazing things about. This brush wasn't horrible it was just a bit meh. I didn't find I gained any precision or better blending power with this and I actually hate how asymmetrical it appears to be, it almost looks like I have a bit of a dodgy one. It hasn't put me off the entire range but I don't think this was the star of the show.
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! loreal paris infallible 24h matte foundation
This is my second Loreal Paris item in this blog and I honestly do not have a problem with Loreal Paris, its actually the opposite. I always gravitate towards Loreal and try a lot of Loreal stuff and 90% of it I love. Loreal Paris infallible 24H Matte foundation is another adored product by a lot of people including friends of mine and I think the reason I hate this is similar to the reason I hated the pop & glow blusher above. It's purely my skin type being so weird and combination and my stupidly large pores. It just doesn't sit right and hugs my imperfections in all the wrong ways. I think this would suit more oily skin as its very mattifying but unfortunately matte for me means disaster!
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! maybelline age rewind concealer
This is where the word 'disappointing' can cause confusion because with this particular item, I really don't hate the Maybelline instant anti-age the erase eye perfect and cover concealer and I still use it a lot it just simply didn't live up to my expectations. I really thought this concealer was going to the the 'one' as it has all the ingredients for a great under eye concealer. Goji berry to wake your eyes up, anti age ingredients and lightening properties but it just remains in my opinion very average. I would be more impressed with this if the lightest shade was actually lighter than my skin tone as I find this to be a bit orangey on me which is bizarre as I'm pale but I'm not the palest person I know! There is of course the hygiene issue with this also with it applying straight from its inbuilt sponge applicator but I wouldn't use this type of a concealer on spots so I don't see that as a big deal.
Disappointing products - Strike 2!! Laura Mercier violet
Again, Kudos to my phenomenal photography skills here, this is the Laura Mercier Violet long wear creme eye pencil and I got this in a birch box and is the first Laura mercier product I have tried. It was mainly disappointing because I so wanted the primer sample which I have been lusting over for what seems like a lifetime. I then gave this a go and got nothing. No pigment whatsoever unless you use brute force. Its so hard and I was really hoping I would be able to swipe this gently across my waterline and get a beautiful smouldering creamy line of vivid violet. I've since discovered Chanel's eye pencils which are just wonderful and I have no room in my life for this! one day I will get my hands on that Laura mercier primer and the balance will be restored..

Disappointing products - Strike 2!! TreSemme instant refresh waterless foam shampoo
So whilst I'm not even sure if you can get this Tresemme instant refresh waterless foam shampoo anymore i am sure that it was pretty pointless. Invented to be a dry shampoo shampoo hybrid it sits somewhere in between genius and stupid. I was curious so got it and its basically like a wet water based mousse that you rub into your hair and blow dry and its supposed to leave you with rejuvenated hair with a boost of volume. It did the exact opposite and made my hair limp and greasy. It was so much effort and faff that's just not worth it and its been hanging around for a while - I'm not going to miss this one. 

So that's it for now but granted the disappointing products will strike again and Ill be here to report back to you all!! what has disappointed you recently? have you tried one of the above items and loved them?

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