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spike necklace statement

Being as we are in the festive season and a lot of people will be celebrating at work do's or with friends, i thought i would share with you my own statement necklace collection and give tips on how to wear them.

Statement necklace's can be a lifesaver if your stuck in a clothing rut or need to liven up an outfit. They also always start conversations as they are so eyecatching.

Above are what i call 'icicle' necklaces which are usually spikey and are one of the more versatile statement necklaces. These look great teamed with done up collars, plain chunky knits and can be worn with a plain bodycon dress to add a bit of edginess to a party look. They also look great with plain sheer camis. All three of the above were from Dorothy perkins.

chunky chains

Next up, i have these 2 chunky chain necklaces. If you buy one statement necklace, make it a chunky chain. They have some great ones on the high street and you can pretty much put them with anything! i initially bought the plain gold chain from H&M and wore this with shirts, maxi dresses, plain t shirts and camis. I then bought the gold chain with pearls which is a much more demure take on the trend and i find this works great with a more preppy style and looks awesome with boucle cropped jackets and cream coloured knits.

big jewels bright colours
Next we have jewelled statement necklaces. These are really in your face and if you dont like to look too flamboyant, i would avoid these. I do however love these and these are my favourites! they are a lot more versatile than you may think and if you have the time to experiment with these you would be surprised how many outfits you can rock with these. If you are new to statement necklaces and want to go for a glitsy jewel embellished beauty like one of the above, my advice would be to keep it simple and go for an LBD to really make the necklace the key piece for your outfit. These also look stunning with a polo neck or high round neck. The green necklace was a gift, the middle necklace was limited edition from primark and the other three were all from dorothy perkins.
round detail necklaces
round detail necklaces
The above necklaces are more uniform all the way round. The above two are a bit more subtle and versatile so again, great for beginners! top left is from dorothy perkins and top right from primark. These can be worn with t-shirts, camis, jumpers, polo necks, shirts, collars... pretty much everything!
The bottom two are a bit more adventureous although can still be worn with so many things! I think these look particularly fab with maxi dresses in the summer and chunky knits in the winter. These were both from primark.
bird cluster necklace
I wasn't sure where to place this one as it is so unique, but so pretty! this one really does speak for itself so i wear this one with plain dresses or shirts and to add some excitement to an outfit! This one is also from Dorothy perkins.

Finally, we have what i consider to be the trickiest and daring to pull off and these are bibs and collars! If you want  to go for one of these, you really do need to tone down the rest of your outfit as they are quite loud! I like to team these with items of similar colour pallets too. When you find the right combination for one of these, you really have struck gold. If im honest, these are the least worn statement necklaces but it is only because i struggle to match these to my wardrobe! The two in the middle are from primark , the one on the far left is from dorothy perkins and the pink studded collar was a gift but im pretty sure it was from new look.
Overall, if you are new to statement necklaces...
Go  for minimal colour or monochrome styles,
Consider whether your more likely to wear silver or gold more,
Beware of bibs and collars, which are lovely but hard to style,
Team with block colour clothing to make the necklace stand out,
Do not over accesorise. if you have to wear any other jewellery keep it subtle
Experiment with what you have in your wardrobe to find great outfit combinations.

Where to buy?

You can get some great statement necklaces from most clothing shops but good places for really stunning pieces are Zara, Forever 21, Primark, H&M, River island and as you can tell, most of my collection are from Dorothy perkins which are really underrated for statement jewellery and they also have brilliant sales on their jewellery.

So will you be trying out statement necklaces?

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