3 new drugstore foundations

3 new drugstore foundations rimmel lasting finish maybelline dream flawless nude loreal paris infallible 24h matte
In true Lo Bloggs style, when needing a new foundation I didn't just buy one, I bought three! Boots has a lot to offer on the foundation front currently and i guess I just had a kid in a candy shop moment and I don't feel guilty about it as all of these were discounted as due to the fact that they were new and exclusive.

Firstly, I bought the Rimmel Lasting finish 25hr foundation which claims to be party proof. When something claims to last 25hrs the idea doesn't appeal to me as I cannot understand why on earth anyone would not wash their face in 25hrs, nevertheless I was intrigued to see if this would stay one my face for an entire day as I am one of those people who touch their face too much! Lasting finish 25hr foundation is thick and creamy in texture and is similar to the other rimmel foundations I have used previously which I am a fan of. This blends wonderfully and doesn't appear cakey on the skin so is a good daily foundation but I can imagine this would look quite muddy if you don't match the colour exactly right as it is so thick, and it can feel quite tacky if you overdo it. This does last pretty well so overall it gets a thumbs up.

I bought L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24H matte foundation after much anticipation after hearing rave review from American bloggers. Again, the 24H selling point I find to be gimmicky, but this one also is clinically proven to be waterproof and steam proof which sounds pretty revolutionary! This is also thick in consistency but I was horrified when I applied this. It sinks into all of my pores and looks so cakey, People who like this must literally have no pores. I was majorly disappointed with this and the only way I can make this work is if i mix it with a primer or moisturiser. The only thing I love about this is the packaging.

As I've used more and more foundations, it's come to my attention that I really prefer a more lightweight feel as it looks more natural and feels so much more comfortable, but what I really love about Maybelline's Dream flawless Nude foundation is that it offers fantastic coverage as well as being the lightweight formula that I love. This, out of the three is my favourite and for the first time ever, I finally understand what people mean when they state a foundation is buildable because this really is. You can add layer after layer without creating a cakey effect. The packaging is very different to any other foundations as it has a sort of pipette applicator that you drop onto your hand or applicator and I don't know how I feel about that but I love the product itself.

Have you tried any of these three? what did you think? do you have any other foundation recommendations?

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