Tip of the week : MUA's Hidden secret...

Tip of the week
For this week's Tip, I'm letting you in on a little piece of genius which is all made possible thanks to the clever packaging of M.U.A.s Lipsticks. It's something I've been taking advantage of for a while now and I doubt I am the only person who has cottoned on to the fact that MUA lipsticks have a mini tub at the bottom of their lipstick that twists off and contains more product. Genius!
Tip of the week : MUA's hidden secret lipstick
As you can see above, what at first appears to be a colour coded part of the packaging, actually twists off into a miniature lipstick pot. I decided to take this to a whole new level and turn this pot of lipstick into a matching gloss/balm.
Tip of the week : MUA's hidden secret vaseline lipstick
All I do to achieve this is mix the lipstick in the pot thoroughly with Vaseline. How much you use is entirely up to you but as a general, the less Vaseline you use, the more pigment. When you are happy with the result simply twist back onto the bottom of the lipstick and your good to go.

I have found from experience that this works better once you have used up quite a bit of the lipstick contained in the tub first to allow more space.
Tip of the week : MUA's hidden secret
MUA Lipstick before

Tip of the week : MUA's hidden secret
MUA Lipstick after (mixed with gloss)
I've really enjoyed vamping up my lipsticks with this tip and hope you give it a go too. MUA lipsticks are amazing value at just a pound each and the formulations are beautiful. Having this added bonus make them an absolute winner for me.

How do you find MUA as a brand? will you be trying this tip?

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