Birchbox Review March - Habitat edition (complete with Benefits Roller Lash)

Birchbox review March habitat
It's that time again! Time to review last months Birch box. I usually get reminded to hurry up and review last months Birch box by receiving a new one but alackaday mine has got lost in the post so fingers crossed that shows up!
I'm not going to harp on about what a Birch box is,
if you want to hear the full spiel, I have mentioned the ins and outs on all of my past Birch box reviews so take a look at one of those first.

March's box was a co lab with Habitat which of course meant that the box is absolutely stunning and has become a permanent edition to my coffee table. I've not bought anything from Habitat before but I have had a peak at what they have currently and it is so tempting! I love pretty much everything and its so vibrant.

So lets get started on what I got in March Birch box.

Birchbox review March habitat

Birchbox review March habitat

Birchbox review March habitat

Birchbox review March habitat benefit rollerlash ren philip kingsley

Birchbox review March habitat
Of course with Birch box comes the usual postcards and what not and this month a 20% discount code for Habitat and a colour chart was included as well as a sneaky hint that next months box will have a little something from Laura Mercier which I have been hugely excited about.
Birchbox review March habitat
Also included is the 'birchbox Menu' with all the details of what is included and what a surprise to discover a sample size Roller Lash. I cant say I didn't see that coming, but it is an incredibly welcome addition as I was yet to try it.
Birchbox review March habitat Philip Kingsley elasticizer
Included was a sample size of the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer which a full bottle retails at £27.50 and this was obviously a sample size. I have wanted to try the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for a while now so I was really happy to receive this. Its a pre shampoo treatment and this bottle only really gave me one generous application. I really liked this actually and weirdly enough I think it extended the overall freshness of my hair as I found I didn't have to wash my hair for 4 days after using this. I don't think that is the products intention but that was what I would say was the most noticeable benefit. That said, I didn't love this product enough to splash out the best part of £30 on it.
Birchbox review March habitat Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask
If your an avid reader of my blogs you will like me be having a Deja
Vu moment now as I received the Ren Glycolactic Radiance renewal mask in a previous box so if I'm honest I would've preferred something different to try as I still have a couple of uses left from my last sample, However I loved this when I first tried it a while back and I still love this. Its zesty and really does invigorate your skin so its not like I'm not going to use this. A full bottle of this retails at £32 and a little goes a long way so I could see myself repurchasing this but as I still have loads, I'm in no rush.
Birchbox review March habitat Tan organic certified organic self tanning oil
The Tan Organic Certified organic self tanning oil claims to be the worlds first tanning oil and retails at £24.99 which is reasonable for a tanning product. I like to embrace the whole 'pale and interesting' look purely because I find tanning a faff and it always looks orange and/or streaky regardless on the shade, product or preparation but when it gets a bit warmer I will give this a whack as I have high hopes for this oil formula.
Birchbox review March habitat  Penny Vincenzi
The next two items I have bunched together because overall I was extremely underwhelmed by the Habitat pocket notebook and a section of Penny Vincenzi's A Perfect Heritage. It's a personal thing but I'm not big on reading so I will never read this although I'm sure some subscribers were thrilled and the notebook just seemed like something of nothing. Space fillers.
Birchbox review March habitat Catherine Malandrino
I've been searching for a new scent that oozes sophistication and that Is more grown up than a lot of the scents I own which are admittedly sweet and sickly. This scent from Catherine Malandrino 'Style De Paris' couldn't come at a better time as it is exactly what I was looking for. A full bottle is £50 and I have had a lot of compliments when wearing this. I also love that the perfumes always come in miniature spray bottles rather than inconvenient viles that are fiddly and messy.
Last but not least was the item we have all been waiting for, the highly anticipated Roller Lash from Benefit. This product has created so much of a buzz and as usual Benefit have gone berserk with their advertising and marketing campaigns and this usually puts me off as I think in the whirlwind of it all its easy to look at things through Rose tinted glasses. Not only that, but I have found with my experience with Benefit that they are very hit or miss for a High end brand. I Loathed the Push up liner but loved High beam. I would say they are the make up world Marmite.

Overall, I did really like Roller Lash as my lashes were transformed to long, defined, Bold, Voluminous Lashes. I'm Lucky to have an enviable curl to my lashes as it stands but I can tell if that is a problem for you then this is the product for you as this will undoubtedly hold a curl. I do find this seems to set like concrete on your lashes and is quite difficult to remove which would be my only criticism. The price is a bit debatable also at £17.50, I personally love a lot of cheaper mascaras so wouldn't buy this but like I said, and I don't want to overly blow my own trumpet, but I have pretty well behaved eyelashes so don't need what Roller Lash offers but If you have poker straight lashes then this will become a holy grail product for you.

Did you have this months Birch box? What item are you most excited to try?

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