Nails inc Gel effect polish review

Nails inc Gel effect polish uptown and olb bond street

Nails inc Gel effect polish uptown and olb bond street

Nails inc Gel effect polish uptown and olb bond street
This year, I've really been making a conscious effort to try harder with my nails. I have always been a nail biter and on the rare occasions where i have managed to grow my nails past the top of my fingertips I've hated the way they look as I have wide fingers and they've chipped/split/broke within days. I'm also rarely seen without chipped nail varnish and I am lazy with base coat and top coat.

Now I have got that confession off my chest, ill go on to let you know that since the beginning of the year I have been applying cuticle oil, base coat and top coat as well as filing my nails religiously! I've almost completely kicked the biting habit and as my nails have been getting healthier I've wanted them to look more glamorous and nourished.

These Nails Inc Gel effect polishes have really helped in my conquest for better nails and I am that much of a fan that normal nail varnish just wont cut it for me anymore.

These aren't the first gel formulation polishes I've tried. I have tried the Barry M gelly hi shine paint which are a fraction of the price at £3.99, but I was not a fan of those although highly raved about in the online beauty community. I featured them in my 10 disappointing products
 blog as I felt they dried streaky and uneven and peeled off like plastic.
These work so much better!! they apply so easily and you could easily get away with one coat as the consistency is quite thick. The Nails Inc gel effect polish dry super shiny and in terms of durability, these last so much longer than normal nail polish until they begin to chip. I also found that as these apply quite thick they also gave my nails extra strength which has allowed them to grow longer. Bonus!

Above are shades uptown and Old Bond street. Uptown is a dusky pink shade which is so gorgeous and girly but is fairly neutral so can be worn to almost any occasion and with any outfit as well as being flattering on the nail. It is my favourite shade out of the two. Old Bond street is a bold bright dark purple/blue and is slightly less wearable and unique as uptown but I have been enjoying wearing this to as I don't have a purple shade like it. I have since taking these photos bought Grosvenor crescent which is a dark almost black purple/maroon and it is so striking!

With these beauts I really feel nails inc have upped their game. the only negative I would have is that they are more expensive than their old cylindrical bottles at £14 and have less product (8ml compared to 10ml in the cylinder bottles) and as this is so thick, these could run out fairly quick.

Why not have a look at what colours they have available on their site here

Have you tried these yet? are you in love with these as much as me?

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